Street Outlaws SHOWDOWN – KYE KELLEY vs DOC $5,000 Grudge Race!

Outlaw Armageddon is all about gathering the biggest and baddest in No Prep racing all in one spot to make for the most insane match ups of the year…and that’s just what it did! We all know Kye Kelley is the king of Street Outlaws New Orleans while Doc is always looking for a good race. On this particular night, Kye Kelley decides to call out the Street Beast for a little friendly grudge match down at Thunder Valley Raceway! Check these guys out as these two nitrous snuffing big block Chevy monsters go head to head!

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  1. kye will just have to take someore of that oil family money and buy him some talent cause he's been on a downward spiral since he put in that 904 in monster motor that pry cost over 150k , what's next funny cars at no preps and on the street

  2. YAWN……wow, Doc got a win, Kye got a loss, they trade wins and losses like playing cards you dumb asses…..Kye Kelley took 100k from the 405 in 2016……He only ran BigChief, Daddydave, and Murder Nova on TV… where he get the other 50k?…….Kye Kelley been running the same motor, and same setup for 6 years, that motor is old, and it doesn't matter how good you are, aluminum, race cast, ect…..develops stress fractures, and other means of failures, that cause more and more "problems", Kyes biggest problem is the lack of motor swaps, and upgrades………Go watch a NHRA team, after EVERY event, motor gets tore COMPLETELY down, and parts are inspected thoroughly, and replaced if needed……These "Street Outlaws"…..would be part of a PRO NHRA pit crew….

  3. Hillbilly men-children who think a wardrobe is complete with short pants, a few tee shirts, and a baseball cap. They run around frothing over quarter-million dollar machines but rarely make enough money to support their fat wives and low-IQ kids. Yee Haw !!

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