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The 2.5 and Limited Pro Stock classes of Diesel Sled Pulls are probably the most popular with the crowd at NHRDA Diesel Nationals, primarily because these are trucks that are relatable…models that many in the crowd own and drive on a daily basis and can root for to make the longest pull of the day.

Congratulations to the following drivers for their pulls in each respective class:

2.5 Class
1st Place – Eric Whitmarsh – “Strictly Business” 332.04 ft
2nd place – Aaron Powell – “High Rollin” 330.02 ft

Limited Pro Stock Class
1st Place – Vanessa Hyndman – “Uncommon” 342.01 ft
2nd Place – Jim Greenway – “MBRP Ballie Diesel” 341.03 ft
3rd Place – Buck Hyndman – “Ready 2 Rumble” 333.11 ft

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NHRDA Diesel Nationals – Texas Motorplex – Ennis, TX 9/30-10/1/2016.

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  1. Cummins 5.9 is a good engine. So is OM 606…not as much power, of course, but half the weight and displacement.Check out Black Smoke Racing drifter, for example…rather bad ass too…

  2. Torque monsters huh. They all pulled down and pissed out.Look at an actual torque chart graph. The Cummins in line peaks at a small point. They talk their crap about getting below the turbo but it really just shitted out. Put that against the powerstroke v8s and look how they produce across the board. Without severe modifications the Cummins suck! I'm sure plenty of people are going to talk shit, but the only in line six I have that produce at stock is my Ford 7.8 at my DT 466 internationals with the same fuel systems as the powerstrokes.The Cummins suck in my medium duty trucks. Won't pull on the low end or the high. Work world my powerstokes out perform day in and day out. Even the 6.0 that all the Cummins boys talk crap about with all it's problems still will kick a Cummins ass while it's kicking.Look at the 2016 and 2017 diesel challenge and see what time it is. I will take my 7.3s and 6.7 and get the work done.

  3. Hello, can anyone tell me the rules? Whats allowed to Change on the car? How much weight is in this thing behind the truck? Im from Germany sorry for my Bad english ?

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