By far, one of the most popular trucks on the Triple-X channel has been the Honey Badger Cummins. Built by Stretch Fab & Performance, this truck has been through some of the worst holes in the Texas/Louisiana area. The truck starts effortlessly each time, A/C blows cold and takes a beating like none other.
Many have inquired about the truck and where’s it’s been. JD, the original owner, still has the truck and drives it periodically around the house. Since the oilfield crashed, not much play money is flowing through the budget, so until things pick up, it will remain parked for the most part.

Truck details: 2000 Dodge 3/4 ton Cummins, nv4500 trans, Profab, Stretch Fab custom 1 link setup, coils with 5 ton Rockwells welded with custom built high clearance pans. 5 ton driveshafts with custom adaptors. 68″ tall rice and cane combine tires 30″s wide. Engine has a programmer with upgraded pump and injectors.

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  1. you guys running mud obviously have no exp in snow. Give me your truck, and I'll show you how someone in Alaska does shit. Every driver on this video has more money than skill. Call bs all you want. Bring your trucks up here.

  2. hope his fortunes get going again…….any update on the old green dodge of Brents? you said he used the turbo on another build but never said what that was.. that truck took the most beating of all of them imo

  3. The diesel Ram truck is way awesome. Kind of a show off. A very tough truck.
    The tires look so big,it may be a flotation tire!
    Nasty mud.
    The engine sounds like it was beyond it's red line.
    He worked it really HARD! Really a …very tough truck!
    Great video.

  4. Pretty sure that my rhino behind the girl in the green shirt at 33:06 I had just bought it…..think it was 2012 or 2013 …been a few beers n years…. my rhino dont liik the same anymore.. lots of mods as any muddder!!! Oh and yeah its a beast!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I thought maybe there would be boobs on this vid,but I can see only one.A guy with way too much money hell-bent on destroying natural habitats for his own silly pleasure.

    Put those skills towards making a better country, cuz Trumps' got nothing for your economic level but pain

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