Top 7 Brand New Pickup Trucks for 2017: Counted Down

Here are the Top 7 Brand new pickup trucks for 2017: counted down.

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  1. IMO, you loose all credibility by including Ridgeline on your "Top 7 Pickup Truck" list, and placing it above the Titan and Colorado is just insane; it's an honorable mention at best. Nobody considers Ridgeline a truck. If these guys where around in the 70's the Subaru Brat and El Camion would have made the list too. LOL

  2. The ridgeline needs to be put down. Fast. Manufacturers might be turning more trucks into minivans like they did with SUVs if the ridgeline doesn't get enough hate.

  3. All of the negatives toward the Ridgeline is very misplaced. The truck isn’t designed to compete with the body on frame trucks. The truck is meant for people who do city driving take there truck to work maybe tow something once a year and do minimal off roading. There are so many of you who actually don’t even use your truck for things it is meant for why not get something that will meet your needs?

  4. The only reason guys drive a Ridgeline is because their wife said it reminds her of her Honda Odyssey mini van so you can get it.
    But you know damn well he really wanted that Taco TRD Sport but the wife said it looks to much like a truck.

  5. I'm just here to read all of the comments on people whining about the Honda. No, it won't tow a 4 horse trailer or haul 2 cords of Oak, but it will deliver a far superior and safer ride quality for people who spend most of their miles on pavement and need a pickup bed to haul smaller loads. Also, Honda has built a reputation on legendary reliability. Most of the other vehicles on this list can't make that claim.

  6. They all cost at least 2 times what my Condo on 35000 ac. lake in the Ozark mts. cost, maybe more I paid 17,000 cash in 2008 for a 1 bedroom that will last 1700 times longer than any of those trucks

  7. Today is 7-10-18 I test drove Nissan Titian,Ford F-150,Chevy 1500,Toyota tundra,and the Dodge Ram all today keep in mind these were all drove on the high way with no loads all trucks were 4 door 4×4 and I went into this day with a open mind trying to find the best truck for the money all the trucks were 2017 models with less than 20000 miles on them and all trucks were very nice but to me my opinion the Dodge Ram stood out ride was incredible and that 5.7 hemi just sold me on the truck I got the SLT limited it has all the goodies just a great truck

  8. Very interesting in that when the trucks are being mountain tested, the tires being used are your stock general use tires. Interesting….

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