TORC – The Off-Road Championship event

I had kept hearing about a TORC: The Off-Road Championship event held in the tiny city of Crandon, Wisconsin, and I really wanted to tick it off my bucket list. This city is home to less than 2000 residents, but 50,000 people turned out for the single-weekend event, which took in the 13th and final round of TORC 2016 championship, followed by a special season-ending Amsoil Cup race.

The day before dirt gets kicked up at Crandon International Off-Road Raceway – aka The Big House – the city holds a parade down its main street which includes all of the races cars and even a car that is entirely built out of wood, with tree stumps as wheels.

What’s also unique about these races are the way they start. Trucks are lined up and leave the line in a mad rush into the first corner at over triple-digit speeds in some of the faster classes. I was amazed by how much suspension travel some of these rigs have. It was to the point where many looked broken.

Dramatic is one way to describe these rigs. The movement is more three dimensional than any other kind of racing I’ve experienced. I’m on this endless journey to shoot as many different aspects of car culture as possible, because in reality there is an unlimited number of events, shows, meets and races to attend.



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