Toyota Tacoma TRD off road vs TRD sport

Let’s talk about the differences between these two awesome Tacomas.

Shea “Mr. Butter” Mccoy

Riverview Toyota

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  1. I have the 2017 off-road
    just drive it
    It’s a gas gussuler
    It’s not even a smooth shifter all the auto stick shift gears are like
    No gears actually change so who cares non of the gears actually change and their all the same.
    When I’m going down a mountain pass and snow appears I reach for a slower gear to avoid the brakes on ice and slide effects a more natural approach into the fun. The fucking gear just allows you to fuck up and act like a idiot. Now who the hell wants to look like that
    Fix my truck you jack asses
    I’m getting a Ford F-150
    That truck sucks

  2. These guys did a terrible job by not comparing similar model. For example; the TRD Offroad had crawl control, multi Terrain, locking rear, BUT they did not explain the 4X4 on the Sport; I assume it had 4H and 4L, and no locking rear. This was different on 4Runner. One did not have to buy TRD to have the locking hub. It was standard on SR5 4X4 with 4H and 4L. I think Toyota should have made the same model for Tacoma and 4Runner to avoid the confusion. I also didn't know why a Tacoma 4X$ would cost more than a 4Runner SR5 Premium 4X4.

  3. Prices don't drop towards the end of the year. Don't trust the dealership people. They will make sure they take as much money as they can out of you. Don't let they words to drop you guard. Prices are way too high for any kind of car they will want to sell you. Be aware, don't drop you guard. Good luck.

  4. It depends on how much you will be off-roading or where you live. I live in so ca. I got the TRD 4X4 SPORT.. and put on A/T I figure I will be 85% city 15% for off road.. it will probably change in the next 2 years and do more off roading but the fact that the sport has all-wheel drive "4×4" I have both of best options. Hopefully, in a few year's I'll trade it in for the TRD PRO.

  5. Love both! Main reason I like Tacoma over Colorado is interior (Chevy's is horribly cheap hard plastic everywhere). But, lack of Android Auto on Tacoma may be a deal breaker for me.

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