TRD Pro Grill Install On 2017 Tacoma TRD Off-Road 4×4

Install instruction:
Remove two silver screws on top and the two clips.
Pull grille and shell off
Remove the black Phillips head screws
Remove chrome ring by pressing through the tabs that are in the indented portion of the grille.
Remove remaining portion of grille by pushing through the remaining clips.
Snap in new PRO grille.
Slide shell back into place.
Reinstall silver screws and black clips


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  1. I think the TRD Pro Grill should have been the stock grill on the entire 2016-17 Tacoma line instead of the cheese grater the TRD models have. Is it true that Toyota raised the price on this grill recently?

  2. Are there any screws or anything holding it in at the bottom when taking it out? or does the bottom just pull out?

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