TRD Pro VS TRD Off-road Tundra

A few differences between two awesome 2017 Tundras.

Shea “Mr. Butter” Mccoy

Riverview Toyota
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  1. What is with that irritating "music"? And a jet! Was there no budget to re-shoot that ninety seconds? I couldn't make to the end with that irritating music overlay. Too bad

  2. hey fellas, nice video. Can these trucks handle pulling/towing 7-8k once a week, 400 mile round trip, with a few mountain passes to climb? Or should I consider a 2500(F250) heavy duty trucks to get the job done. I don't want to stress the engine on the Tundras natural inspired setup, or if you guys think a diesel would work better for my needs. Oh that 3.5 ecoboost in the Ford looks intersting, too. Thanks in advance!

  3. I think we looked over one really important difference: the TRD PRO sits level off the lot while the TRD "packaged" trucks sit stock stinkbug style (like most other trucks)

  4. You forgot to mention the hideous fake wood trim in the interior of the limited. I have a 2014 limited TRD supercharged and please let your customers know how to turn off the LSD system. With 500 hp you slam on the gas to pass a vehicle and the engine goes into limp mode. VERY dangerous I feel Toyota should tell and teach this to clients. I see a lawsuit in the future for Toyota it's almost killed more than a few times by forgetting to turn off the LSD system

  5. "The esthetics!" WHAT THE F? It's an off road 4×4! I would never buy a trunk from people who think a TRD is drive it around for show in the city and look cool. I'd buy a used one from said Starbucks person. Is there a winch on it? Can you remove the tacky TRD 4×4 sticker on the bed, would be my question. If they added a rebel flag they could sell it as the "red neck" package.

  6. I recently went to my local toyota dealership to buy a 2017 tundra limited with all available options added. Knowing the 2018 is only a month away from being released. Figure they would give me a nice discount, but that wasnt the case. They only offer me a factory rebate of 3k. Not even any wiggle room for anything. After rebate price came up to be around 51k. They didn't budge so i will wait for the 2018 model.

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