WORST NIGHTMARE for Helicopter pilots !!! US Military Stinger missile

The advanced US military stinger missile is the worst nightmare for helicopter pilots.
FORT HOOD, TEXAS — Echo battery, “The Stinger”, of the 1st Battalion 44th Air Defense Artillery Regiment conducted a group of events that challenged Soldier readiness capability from April 19 through April 22 here.

The events consisted of an Army Physical Fitness Test, a four mile run down Battalion Avenue in full battle equipment, a ten point land navigation course, and an eight mile ruck march on the outskirts of post.

Out of echo battery’s highly motivated Soldiers who competed in the battery’s stinger competition, Staff Sgt. Antwan James and Spc. Jonnathan Caban came out with the top scores in each event.

Each one of Echo 1-44’s five platoons participated in the events, with the headquarters platoon providing essential support in equipment.

These Soldier readiness events for this battle ready unit were used to determine the Soldiers who will participate in a live sentinel stinger missile fire during a controlled exercise on June 20. 24 avenger teams will be set to partake in the mission.

Capt. Raymond Stith, who took command of Echo 1-44 in March, commented on the leadership of his non-commissioned officers by saying, “I have been given great NCOs who know how to execute missions. I feel I can give them any mission and it will be accomplished to the standard.”

Echo Battery has been through rigorous training during their stationing on Fort Hood. This intense training has made them ready for any mission, anywhere the enemy lurks. 1-44 Battalion is certainly more battle ready with the force of the Executioner Battery in its ranks.

Video Description Credit: Spc. Scott Rubin

Video Credits: Cpl. Waiyan Tin and Sgt. Kathryn Bynum

Video thumbnail Credit: Cpl. Waiyan Tin Modified by ArmedForcesUpdate



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  1. FIM-92J Stinger (Upgraded FIM-92E Block 1) :
    -Install Service Life to 10 years.
    -MCAAP will upgraded 850 stingers from the Army and 1,155 stingers from the Marine Corps.
    -MCAAP will also install a warhead section equipped with Proximity Fuze. The Target detection device provides increased effectiveness against unmanned aerial system threats.
    -New Flight motor.
    -Gas Generator Cartridge.
    -Desiccant Cartridge.

    MCAAP (McAlester Army Ammunition Plant)

  2. If our missiles get jammed just before impact maybe we could place a laser guidance mechanism on both our stinger and radar guided missiles that would kick in at just the right range to defeat the radar or infared jamming and take out the bad guy.

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