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The guys from the greater Houston, TX area invited us along to check out Xtreme Off-Road Park & Beach near Crosby, TX. A couple of the guys who came to ride were David Gibson and Niles Moran. Both of these Duramax rigs are absolutely SICK! Specs on each are as follows:
2008 GMC 2500
• 1000HP Industrial Injection twin turbo Duramax
• ATS transmission
• SCS transfer case
• 5ton Plan B Meritor axles
• Overtime CNC aluminum hubs
• Overtime CNC Coilovers
• 64″ Superior Traction tires

2009 Chevrolet 2500
• Duramax 6.6L diesel
• Custom sheet metal Meritor axles
• Aluminum CNC overtime hubs
• 20″ 3.5 inch CNC Overtime coilovers
• 23″ drop SCS 3:1 transfer case
• 6:14 to 1 axles
• Billet input shaft and axle yokes
• Full sheet metal chassis hybrid tubing
• 18.4/30 tires
• 30 by 16 wide custom wheels
• Custom driveline brakes
• Front and rear PSC hydraulic steering

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  1. cannot truck do anything if that's so can it move over trees cuz you probably have to get out and cut down their tree and then mobile Dover I know truck that came over trees I need can do anything that my dad wanted you to sorry say it that church piece of crud I know truck that's better than that if you're wondering what that you have to talkto find out hat you'll have to get back to me if you want to find out

  2. All that money and no locker? Comments about breaking axles, turning 4 tires, etc are all bullshit ways to explain away ignorance. 1000hp WILL turn 66" tall tires plenty. If you spend all that money and worry about breaking shit, then either step up to Portals or Planets.

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