52” LED Light Bar Review – Auxbeam C3-Series Curved

Taking a close up look of Auxbeams new C3-Series 52 inch curved 261 watt curved LED light bar was a great opportunity. This light has 261 one watt LEDs and puts out 150 degree flood light and two 10 degree spot lights.

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Subversive spot & flood optic system,high density light spread makes dark night become daytime
Tri-row LED spot beam configuration,nest reflector cup encircled pushes light efficiency to max, little unused light
Broad reflective plate allows multi wide angle refraction,ideal for ambient lighting
Designed to project maximum pure white light to the road,no dark zone or foggy light in close quarters
Oversized grooved heat sink fins extends cooling surface for quick heat elimination
Full die-cast aluminum profile,wear & corrosion resistant enough to withstand any harsh environment,also doubling as heat sink

Off-Road vehicles-ATVs,SUV,truck,Fork lift,trains, boat
Specialized vehicles-Fire engine,police cars,rescue vehicle,communication vehicle, military command vehicle etc.
Engineering vehicles-Excavator,dozer,road roller,bulldozer,crane and mining truck etc.

Package Included:
1x 261W C3 curved LED light bar
2x side brackets
Necessary mounting hardware like bolts,washers included

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  1. I have the exact same bar but 32 inch and I love it. The only problem is it has had condensation inside the left of the lense in front of the reflector since day one. I contacted them and they told me to use it and try to heat it out, no luck. it's still there. I like Auxbeam and have their 44 inch 420w bar I love, no issues. I just want the light replaced, nobody should have to deal with a defective light

  2. I just though I would toss this out to you about the sound it makes…..  I use to have a work truck with a flat nose across the front the welder had made-  This thing was very bad going down the road….
    To fix this I took a PVC pipe and cut it in half and attached it to the top of the flat edge and the sound was gone….
    I have a number of vehicles with the light bars and none make the sound…..  I would think someone could go to Lowes in the plumbing department and pick to a 5 stick of 1/2" pex (Blue) and 3/8" pex (blue) and cable tie them on the top to test first than try to mount them if that fixes it…. Just an idea for you guys!
    Great Review!  Just Love the Drone view! WOW!

  3. Great review and I also loved the drone footage as well as the light output measurement. I have a similar Auxbeam 52" curved and you're right speeds above 65mph are noisy. I had some high pitched wind noise at lower speeds and was able to eliminate it by putting some clear caulk around the length of the front face where the silver screws heads were visible. Would love to see a noise decibel measurement with and without the light bar at speed inside the jeep. I'm tempted to take mine off but I don't remember it being quiet at speed without the light bar. Great video! Keep up the great work!

  4. I dont have a jeep, but i do have a 42" curved light bar from auxbeam. At speeds above 60 mph it would vibrate like hell! I put weather stripping on the fins and that helped a little bit. What really fixed the issue was having a buddy who could weld. I had him cut the brackets that are for " sitting flat " down so they were shorter. Maybe an inch and a half of clearence from my roof and that fixed the problem outright and I haven't had an issue since!

  5. I know you said the mounts you used were not suitable, but may I ask which ones you used? Just to know what to avoid, or which ones I'm going to get and modify haha

  6. Hey buddy, to get rid of the noise. Go to Walmart buy the Door guards that stick on with adhesive. Do the whole row do the first bottom 3 rows

  7. Hi, nice video, im about to buy this ledbar, but im a little concerned about the noise, . why does it make noise? Because of the wind hitting the bar,? Or its the bar itself? How can we fix that? I will love to buy this light bar. Thanks for your help.

  8. Well put together video. Liked the drone footage. Centers are spots and sides are floods (you had it backwards) and the windshield mounts were not correct for that light. Otherwise well said, good presentation

  9. Thanks for correcting him on the spots in the floods being reverse, I don't know why I never hear anything about the glare on the windshield and Hood front flood lights up top doesn't work out.
    As far as fixing a cap that's easy you can put a couple of washers on both sides or been the brackets in a little got any on them arms?

  10. Exelent reviews, I have a question instead of rigid, which you think is a good substitute in a cheaper way?
    I'm mean if I want a 50 inch light bar but don't want to xpend 2000 $ which brands you recommend, auxbeam looks pretty good.

  11. Just wanted to let you know that you don't have to yell in your vids as you come over the speaker nice and clearly and your videos are also very excellent quality. Keep up the EXCELLENT work on all your vids. I have enjoyed them all!!!

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