Fox Coilover Emulsion Shocks Show and Tell.

Going through my Fox shocks and sharing some things I have learned about them during my build on my A Arm Baja Bug.
This video is a little long but I go over some helpful info in buying, servicing, or setting up off road shock absorbers.



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  1. Good Info Doug. I have Fox Emulsion shocks on the front of my sandrail and it looks like might need some seals. After watching this vid I have a better idea of how to go about it or at least when I talk to the folks at Fox I can ask more intelligent questions. I'm looking forward to you getting some miles on your Baja and find out the results of your suspension theories. The sand offer's some interesting suspension challenges and the large low pressure rear tires sure don't help matters. This was previously and offroad desert car and suspension feels good for sand as well. etched in the bottom of my rear shock's are the numbers 30/150 which I believe is the valve dampening rate. I prefer to the reverse of your theory. I want the shock to compress easier and the rebound to be stiffer to prevent my 27mm torsion bar from kicking up the rear. However your dual coil over springs with there progressive rate might be a whole different game. I also road motorcycles most of my life and used that Amsoil synthetic fork oil. Not sure if it would be any better than ATF My rears are reservoir shocks and work amazing. Sorry for righting a book. Feel free to delete. hehehe

  2. i went home yesterday and took off the metal split oring and rubber o ring and took off the bottom peice then i took off my springs cleaned them and painted them thank you

  3. Thank you for the videos you are a very informative. You have helped me more than you know on building custom mounts among other things. I did have one question for you. Does spring preload apply to your build? I come from a racing background on dirt tracks. The last 10% of the spring is not actually the correct rate(while drooping). In order to get the correct spring rate through all of the travel we preload. It is just something that I wanted to run by you just in case it was of any interest.

  4. You was miss informed on your spring length so I stopped watching after that. The 10" 10" is okay and the longer bottom which is your second rate is better but you need a 8" on top which is tender spring unless you have a triple rate that uses the thin helper spring that keeps a small amount of constant preload on the springs to keep them seated at full drop. I build bouncers for a living and use multiple combo's of spring length to do different setup . I'm not downing you or anything I just want to try to help to keep inaccurate information from my fellow off roader's. When I started doing this I was also miss informed on a lot of things not just on shocks. Run a 12" and 8" .hope I helped

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