Harbor Freight 12000lb Winch MUD Test

While it was SLOW, it did get us out.

**UPDATE** We did another test, this time with the winch properly installed. Click here to watch! –

Get the winch we used here:
Get the cradle mount here:



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  1. Get a pair of heavy duty jumper cables, cut the ends off and replace the winch end with a set of slave cable adaptors. These can be found at Northern tool and equipment. Go to the auto parts store and get eye ends for the battery end of the cables. Route the cables through the frame from the battery to the rear end and screw the slave cable adaptor to the hitch. You will have to cut the winches power cables in order to put on the other half of the slave adaptor. This allows your electrical hook ups to be permanently mounted to the vehicle, while allowing you to remove the winch mount.

  2. We have the same winch in our trailer and have pulled suburbans, backhoes, and truck , cars with now wheels and tires. I think somthing is wrong with yours. Ours dosent struggle that bad with heavier loads

  3. Your ground is most likely your issue, but I carry a good snatch block in my outfit also so if my winch struggled a bit more than I like I would double line and life, and winching is good!!

  4. Good fine wire strand Welding cable to the rear end of your vehicle hooked to the main terminal on your battery upgrade the cca rating of your battery or double the batteries
    I've done the one battery upfront one battery boxed in the rear for a quick power supply with quick connectors for trailer powered winches and charging boat batteries running down the roads to the docks just be sure the cables are securely fastened use good zip ties to lock the couplers together plus the pull seems to work better with the shorter wire hookup to the first source battery the rest of the advice on safety is good
    Know of a dozer operator that was killed by a snapped cable beware

  5. Iv used my HB winch for 45 min straight pulling heavy stuff. Winch is beast. Never let me down. Having power wires so long of course it's not gonna have all the power it can produce.

  6. I used one to load a car that all 4 wheels were locked up. Doubled the cable by using snatch block and it pulled the car right out of the woods up onto the trailer with no problem. Harder to unload than it was too load

  7. Your truck is over 2,000 lbs the way to get the write wench is to look at your title or registration to weight of your vehicle, if you have a 1,000 pound wench it's not going to work very good on a truck that is almost
    3,000 pounds .

  8. Don't know if truck was in
    4 wheel drive, but if it wasn't that might help a little bit. Your wench is to small for that truck, you need a 3 thousand pound wench for a 2,300 pound truck.

  9. If that tree goes, its gonna send a log right through that street queen and hit your buddy in the dome, I would also suggest using an arrest device on the winch cable so that it doesnt snap up and cut someones arm off. Ask me how I know. Also, run much larger cables for the power to the winch so it has less resistance. Usually these winches work pretty good if you install and use them right.

  10. Snatch block will double the pulling power and winch will work half as much. Plus the more cable u can pull off the drum the better off u are as it steepens the gear ratio on winch

  11. That winch sucks! It was nothing to do with your ground. I had that same winch for 1 day, it was the slowest POS ever! It was barely pulling anything. I had to give the car gas to help the winch out. Whata joke!

    The best use for it out be for yanking out ATVs and loading up cars onto trailers.

  12. No you're a bunch of idiots you need to use snatch blocks and you need to make sure your hot wires going straight to your battery and the proper Gage I had a 9000 pound winch that pulls anybody out if you know what you're doing had people with 33 inch super swampers Barry pull up to the frame couldn't even see the tires pulled them like it was nothing

  13. Lol I pulled out 2 trucks last week with ZERO problem and a shit load of power.
    I pulled 2 palm trees out of my front yard.
    Those wenches got power.

  14. This video only proves how great those winches are for the money. Basicly everything you are doing with that winch is wrong and it still works so the winch is pretty much idiot proof

  15. You have to re- wire that. The ground is definitely bad, you should have another battery in the rear hatch and run heavy cables from the battery under your hood to one in the rear while the vehicle is running it will charge both batteries. Also for something like that look into a snatch block and learn how to use it properly and you can get a vehicle out of just about anything. This is coming from an experienced tow truck operator. Another thing get yourself a heavy blanket of some sort to put on on the cable that way if the cable by some chance did snap it would cause as much harm.

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