Rigid Industries Amber LED Flood Light Review

In this episode we take a look at the Rigid Industries Dually Amber LED Flood light and compare them with the white Dually Flood light with amber light cover. After having driven at night with a bunch of other Jeeps on a trail and the dust was kicking up everywhere, we ended up turning off all our white LED light because the glare was terrible. It was easier to see through the dust with just our headlights. So we began investigating the benefits of amber off-road lights and taking a look at using a LED light cover alternative. The results were pretty interesting.

Rigid Amber Dually:
Rigid Dually Flood:
Rigid Amber Cover:

Everything I’m using on my Jeep can be found here:


Rigid vs Auxbeam LED Light review:

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  1. Good video. I have all RIGID LEDs. Here's what I did…Is I ordered some gel paper from Amazon for theatrics. Some amber, red, yellow sheets. If you cut out a cover sized amber section and put it in front of the white LED, with the RIGID amber cover…you can attain this same exact amber color. So if you want white, just snatch the cover off and walaaaaa. This worked for me. The filters are a dime a dozen.

  2. So, why would somebody get the amber lights if they aren't as bright? Somebody please explain. Are they better in fog and dust or are they just cool looking. I am ignorant on this subject.

  3. I wear oakleys with an amberish lens and that helps a ton even with ultra bright white lights. The lenses help to create more contrast and does a good job in reducing the harshness of lights.

  4. I prefer Amber covers myself even if they aren't as good because you can switch between Amber and White when you need either one vs being stuck to one specific color.

  5. windshield Pods should you run 2 Spot LED's
    on each side or should run a Spot and flood on each side? also do you
    think the LED Amber LED should be mounted on the bumper? pointing strait
    foreword or pointing up a little

  6. I have been running Rigid amber lights for about a year. I drive in a lot of bad weather in the mountains of Oregon both on road and off. I am pleased with the ambers, they definitely put out less light but in snow, fog, dust and rain they are the best way to go IMHO.

  7. Finally found a video like this! Amber really makes a difference! I wish I could find LED replacement bulbs in pure Amber as shown here, not 3000K yellow but Amber! Like for a H10 bulb. If anyone has a link to amber led replacement bulbs

  8. Being in California I don't suppose you see much snow. I live in Canada and the darker amber light is the best for snow trials as the white or yellow light washes out the ruts, IMO amber is the best light you can have for snow trails at night.

  9. Exactly the information I was looking for. Thank you for approaching this scientifically and giving us the raw data. Made my decision making much easier!

  10. I think the main issue is the proximity of the light to your eyes and not so much the color. The light bar lights up dust right in front of your eyes. Lower lights leave the dust near your eyes dark and much less distracting. This is also about color temperature and CRI values of the lights. Good visual comparison though. Seemed like the bluish light with the yellow color looked a little green? Thanks for the video, great stuff.

  11. Refraction is the word your looking for. Amder or yellow, euro cars have been coming with yellow lights for years. Ive run the yellow for years on off road rigs (i switched over from vw's and Mini's) the yellow seems brighter. I get film from Laminex and dont seem to ever loose intensity

  12. I just installed some 6000k LED 25w spot/flood COMBO (yellow / amber) on lower front bumper. This was a great video. The comparison really helped me. These come in handy in Big Bear because our local mountains are know for fog during winter. I am going to install a 2nd par on hood for both passenger / driver sides. Probably will go full spot. I already have 4 Halogen white driving lights so this will give me good flexibility in dark, dust, snow, fog. PLEASE post video when you used them in snow, fog etc. Great Information.

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