How To Buy A Used ATV

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Then AJ’s in the TRAIL TECH shop sharing some tips on what you should be looking for when shopping for a used ATV.



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  1. Hey, my name is Tyler and I'm 15. I currently have a Raptor 250 and am growing out of it, I have been looking at TRX 450's. Do you think that is the right move? and if not do you have any suggestions. Thanks

  2. usually if the machine looks rough cosmetically its the same way internally ..     especially    " craigslist " specials …  85 % of the atv on there site for sale  doesn't have titles  LOL   RED FLAG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I followed this stips bought my first atv it was an outlander 1000 and it was awesome antil a took it to a shop for an oil chang and a cvt boot then proplems was like rain…

  4. Tip 1get a Polaris never change the oil n still beat cam an Honda, haven’t added or changed any fluids in my sportsman for 7 years n ride every day practically

  5. Pull off the CVT cover and look at the situation there.
    Look for cracks in the control arms and elsewhere on the frame with a bright flashlight
    Pull off wheels/brake covers and look at bearing seals
    Put on jack and spin wheels and listen
    inspect cv/drive train boots with a bright flashlight
    Run the thing in 4wd and 2wd, go through all gears
    Check all lights and gauges
    Buy a Yamaha

  6. If you buy a Honda foreman check the front end frame between the a-arm cuz the frame rusts out in that spot.. I picked one up and got burned pretty good and know I have to replace the front half of the frame just a tip check the frames on the foreman if you live close to salt water

  7. Great Video with very helpful tips. Look in the comment section about bringing a jack, checking fluid levels, find where it was originally used (in states with recent hurricanes), if I has a snorkel

  8. LOL, if the wheels had that much play I would be driving away in about ten seconds. Also, if the sellar can't even clean the bike up, I'm probably walking, AND if you check the air filter and oil and it's dirty,,,, bye bye.

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