Servicing Haldex AWD on a VOLVO

Haldex AWD service on my Volvo. Its a 4th generation.
Filter change, oil change and cleaning of Haldex pump without disconnecting the prop shaft.

Filter Kit: 31325173
Oil: 31367941
O-ring for plug: 11998

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  1. Good job!!
    Now it is esaier to make the haldex service to my volvo xc 90 after waching your vídeo.
    Well done!!
    I would like to ask you a cuestión.
    Is it posible or adviseble to clean pressure sensor?
    Have I have any special care ?
    Thank YOU.???

  2. Thanks for the great video. Can you give me a link to the washer(oil seal) please? Have the same 13mm plug. Not sure what washer will do. Thanks

  3. I just replaced all the fluids in my 2008 XC70 75k miles, I had an occasional whining noise in the transmission but couldn't identify the source so decided to replace all the fluids in Haldex, back axle and gearbox (Manual). Your great videos were very helpful and the problem has disappeared, the gear change is also much smoother so well worth doing. Many thanks.

  4. They should make that white part screw into the plug. That would make it easier to get it out. I wonder how many people drove a screw into those just to use that to pull it out. Not sure if that would be the best idea anyhow

  5. @volvosweden ahhh,got to love car manufacturers and how they like to fuck their customer! so in haldex 5 they said "FUCK THAT OIL FILTER,WE'LL MAKE THESE SUCKERS CHANGE THE WHOLE UNIT AROUND 100000 KMS…"…Scary to see how much work pain and suffering is in a modern car,makes you think 1000times before buying a second hand car… I don't think I DARE to buy a used car with some mileage on it…

  6. This guy treats his Volvo better than world's best mother treats her newborn baby. If I lived in Canada like him, I would want to buy one of his cars. I'm sure they have been spoilt much better than a dealer maintained car.

  7. Hi, i don't know if you did it (not in video) , but have you replaced old gasket also ? Thanks a lot; i will do the same procedure to my Freelander2, that has same Haldex4, so I presume that part codes you posted are the same too. . 😉 Have you experience in Freelander2 ? And, by the way, I know it is very difficult to extract the pump without remove flange before. How did you do it ?

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