Tentco Rooftop tent on Land Rover Defender (six years later…)

– We have had this tent for about six years now. It was probably the cheapest one you could buy at the time, and due to budgetary challenges we decided to go for it. It is not the best quality of course but has held up well, being stored outside in the rain and blazing sun. Nothing has broken off, the zippers are sturdy and the mattress still has some bounce to it.

Tentco is a South African company based in Johannesburg. You will find their products on many 4×4’s and pickup rentals if you visit the country, so they know what they are doing.

Our tent is the ‘Safari 1.4’ – 1.4 metres wide and 2.40 metres long. Plenty of room for two including all the belongings that find their way up there.
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  1. Before we got this rooftent, we used to sleep in normal polyester tents on the ground. It would always take me about 3 nights to acclimatise enough to be able to get some decent sleep. With this tent, probably because of the quality canvas providing more insulation, I'm able to sleep from night one … yippeeee! We love our tent, but are also keen to try out different makes for comparison purposes.

  2. Thanks for the video , I enjoyed it . I have I believe an Australian copy (very similar).It`s mounted on a defender 130 .Have all the same issues & have given it about 4 or more rebuilds in the past 18 years . Wouldn`t be without it . Live feral .

  3. Hi guys thank you for the video. We have almost the same tent bought in Pretoria. Last weekend we went to Mana Pools and had a huge storm. Lost those long pegs and need to reorder them. Any idea what they are called ? Thank you from Zimbabwe travellers 🙂

  4. I have looked at several rooftop tents, comparing price, features and speed of erecting and pulldown. I keep coming back to the South African made Bundutec brand rooftop tent. It is electric, so takes about 20 seconds to erect and the same to pack away. It is quite a bit more expensive than many others, but you get what you pay for. I think – pay once, and enjoy forever. I have already purchased their Bundawn 360 deg awning, which is a pole-less awning and again, well worth the money. My next purchase will the the roof-top tent.

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