BUILT NOT BOUGHT Ep.5 || The Ultimate Suspension Setup


In this episode of Built Not Bought we finally, finally get start on the suspension! The first of the new shiny bits goes on the Patrol. This is where the episodes start to get real good and the built comes together. We install a full 4 inch lift with uperior Engineering arms ( , Dobinson coils from Malaga Suspension ( and King Shocks from Mike’s Shock Shop ( . The back end is completed from start to finish in this episode including a repainted diff and all. Sit back and enjoy! ?

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Episode 1: Teardown

Episode 2: Engine Out

Episode 3: Diff Rebuild

Episode 4: Chassis

My Gear

CAMERA: Sony a6300
GoPro Hero 5 Black
LENS: Sony 16-24mm Kit Lens
Sony 10-18mm f4
Zeiss 16-70mm f4
Sigma 30mm f1.4
MIC: Rode Video Mic Pro
Saramonic UwMic10 Wireless
STABLIZER: Feiyu WG2 Waterproof Gimbal
Zhiyun Crane V2
DRONE: DJI Mavic Pro
EDITOR: Adobe Premier Pro

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Thanks To:
Superior Engineering
Kings Australia
Harrop Engineering
Auto One Kalamunda
Mike’s Shock Shop
Malaga Suspension
Marks 4WD Adaptors
Dobinson Australia
Advanced Headers
Redarc Australia
Supercheap Auto

My Story

For the past few years I have become more and more obsessed with travelling this great country in a 4WD. Just getting from point A to point B with the maximum amount of fun and excitement it what it’s all about for me.
My first 4WD was a Nissan Patrol and I have had one ever since, this build is my take on what would make the ultimate touring vehicle to do what I love most.
I hope to one day build myself a 4WD empire to make the unreachable, reachable to others. By providing them with a means of transport like no other, transport that is BUILT NOT BOUGHT…

Icons made by ”



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  1. If you can do a Re-cap of how much money it took, time, best way to get parts (i.e networking), what you would do and advise people who want a set up like yours but a "budget build" type! and show us that side!!!

  2. Hey Sam good video. The panhard washer on the diff is on the wrong way man it's meant to go the other way around so that the opening faces away from the diff. Just thought I'd let you know. Good videos though I'm enjoying them ??

  3. Sweet build dude! i have just done something similar but went dobinson MRR via Corey. went roadsafe adjustable upper control arms and Solid 11mm extended lower on my 105 yet to put coil retainers in due to not having it at peek flex yet with the 900mm of play i have in my rear shocks. good luck on the rest of the build and i cant wait to see the canopy part of the build 🙂

  4. Awesome dude! So glad you went with a eyelet on the chassis end of the radius arm rather then the mushroom bush they come with from factory. Not a cheap kit either

  5. Just found your channel mate your an absolute champ just another young bloke doing what we love . Thanks to your bloody channel I’m about to start rebuilding a mk patrol Ute ??

  6. why you not get an on board air bag system,$600, ,0- to whatever lb,individual l/r air,also used to fill tank for tires,you realy need to look into things whats available in states,were just copying them,but still not as good.viair,firestone,ect.

  7. Ultimate suspension my ass! All that extra ride height and no change in clearance because you're still using a solid axle instead of independent.

  8. You need to get your self some lumber man, or a few decent logs to sit the stands on to get extra height. Enjoying the videos too ??

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