Easier way to Install Rear Coil Springs on a Toyota 4Runner

When those new rear coils just won’t quite fit. If taller coil springs are being used to add some suspension lift, often it is difficult make space for them. This video shows a helpful and relatively safe way to overcome this problem by using the factory jack. Please be aware that the shocks have been removed and the sway bar links disconnected previously. To see how to install the entire ICON Stage 5 Lift on this 2005 Toyota 4Runner click this Link:

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  1. This helped me out big time today. Was trying to use a pry bar and couldnt get enough space even with my girl standing on it. Easy peasy with the bottle jack. Thanks!

  2. Don't forget to release the bolts on the control arms and then do them up again as the bushes will have a constant twist in them if you don't and this can lead to premature failure of the bush.

  3. Wow.. I wish my 4Runner looked that good underneath!
    I'm about to order new springs for mine but will be using a spring compressor….
    Thanks for the video though.

  4. When having 4WD Toyota FJ Cruiser 2" Front Lift Kit with Diff Drop , what is the spacer size 1" or 2" ????
    do you advise to add sway bar relocation ??

  5. That is cool! like GLOBAL MOBILE 01 – "…why didn't I think of this!" Thank you for sharing this trick. I am glad that we have folks that are able to share their tricks and help the 4WD community able to work on their own vehicles. Thanks!

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