HOW TO: Adjust Your Ride Height Using ICON Coilovers

Do you have a new set of ICON coilovers on your vehicle, but are unsure about how to properly adjust them? Tune in with Scott from ICON Vehicle Dynamics as he explains the correct way to adjust your ride height and set your preload.

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  1. Justin, there should be no problem adjusting the preload to obtain 3" of lift. You definitely do not want to add a spacer, as increasing the preload does not necessarily lead to negative ride quality. The amount of available 'droop' travel from your ride height will determine how the vehicle will perform, we recommend having AT LEAST 2" of available droop travel from your set ride height. Thanks!

  2. Hi I'm interested in getting 2004-2015 Nissan Titan 0-3" Suspension System with the Dirt King Mid Travel Kit UCA NAD LCA. I'm just wondering how much of a lift will this actually give? like can i expect to be 3inches higher than stock? I'm also looking into getting bigger 34 inch wheels compared to stock.

  3. I don't see any options on your site, however I've been told your 3" adjustable coil-overs will fit my 14' Armada. Any help or confirmation would be greatly appreciated.

  4. i was trying to raise the front height on my 16 4Runner, but the reservoir line is in the way of making adjustments. is it possible to adjust the coilover without removing the reservoir? if not, is it okay to remove the line? do you have a video to show this procedure? is there any other precaution i should be aware of? thank you

  5. What is stage 4 factory pre
    Load settings? My thread 2” showing. My ride little stiff. My tire size 285/70/75. What is best pre load settings?

  6. Is there a video on how to adjust my rear icon height? Front i get it, but how do you adjust the rear? My front is at 3 inch lift, but rear is 1 inch short.

  7. I finished my fronts yesterday, and called in and left a message for questions on performing this adjustment with the CDCV resi. Scott called me back and was extremely helpful. I now have front and rear complete, and at stock setup, with the 3" coilovers, I've got a fairly serious rake. Because of the trouble I encountered removing the old components out of the front I had a local 4×4 shop install the rears, and asked them to adjust the fronts for me. They insisted they would have to remove the coilover from the vehicle in order to do it. I said nevermind, I'll handle it. LOL

  8. Awesome video, I’m thinking about adjusting the height on my icon coilovers to .5” or an 1” Is it absolutely necessary to redo my alignment after the height adjustment? I just had them done when I got my icons installed.

  9. Turning the adjuster ring is suuuper difficult. Iike two hands and pulling pretty hard. And I'm seeing a few fine metal shavings coming out the bottom. I have new coilovers that were just put on a few days ago, and just driven around town a bit. Is this just because of some grit in the threads or is it really that hard to turn? Yes, I loosened the set screw 🙂

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