1977 Chevy 4X4 Drivetrain Removal Pt.1

Starting the removal of the 1977 Chevy K20 drivetrain!

If you haven’t please check out my fathers channel!



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  1. My kind of video. You got quite a bit done. Weather should be good for you tomorrow. Good luck. Be careful and I'll be waiting for tomorrow's vid.

  2. I didn't say I broke your ratchet, I said it fell apart!! The old ratchets would work for hammers, not my fault you bought a non-hammering ratchet!!LOL

  3. my bro in law had a 1990 cheyenne that was used for towing construction equipment before he bought it,had the trans pack and everything,the cab corners were starting to rust out and the steering universal was shot(the wheel had some play in it had tilt steering) but it was a solid truck,and you could smoke the tires without trying,he never took care of it but was meticulous with the family mini van(go figure lol) well i had it for a few weeks and decided to check the fluids since it smoked alot, the dipstick had no oil on it,went to auto parts store and changed the oil in it and after i did that? ran like a top,he calls me up and says da hell did ya do to my truck? i laughed and said did something you never did,changed the oil and filter,you take care of the minivan you have but not your truck? the hell is wrong with you?

  4. Ah yes, caked on grease and dirt, my favorite. Used to keep my olds cleaned and painted just because I was sick of others peoples cars. You know the type, check the fluids and then you need a shower. This should be a fun swap.

  5. Sweet 64 ' for sure. So if its not going to be a full time on the road driver , it almost wouldn't matter leaving it AWD , but I do like unlockable hubs. Toss a coin !! I just found this site, so between your videos and your dad's , we got full time entertainment !!! nice job with explaining thru the videos! thumbs up!!!!

  6. Most interesting for me ?
    I have a 77 cheyenne C 30 & I love it. I live in France….must be the only one in the country, owned it 15 years..still running strong & hauls my heavy Bigfoot slide in camper like it's not even (my y2k Silverado can't handle it)
    Thanks for sharing your cool videos !

  7. I agree with you there trying to work on a car in the dirt is terrible. The only worse place is in the snow. Concrete always better to work on. That is gonna be a nice project to work on for sure.

  8. Nice vid nice work. I got a 84c10 shorty I converted to a 78. New rad support, front clip, welded floors, new rockets ect. 1yr project going on 3 1/2 yrs now. 80% there. Looking forward to the outcome of this k20

  9. I would love to have that 64 I had a 65 short fleet side small back window and I sold it and I kick my self every time I think about it if you love it never sell it

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