How to replace gearbox 4×4 transfer box switches on Nissan Navara D40

This video looks at how to change the 4×4 transfer box switches on a Nissan Navara D40 pickup. These switches often fail and give problems with the 4×4 system on the Navara.



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  1. Mine finally fixed. A Nissan dealer here in Cyprus wanted €95plus vat for each switch which that makes €452+transfer oil €52+labour €€684.
    I fixed it with around€250.bought the swithces from Minsk Belarus.I just bought the transfer oil from here.And the problem was 1 of the switches but i replace them all.

  2. Abs faults will prevent 4wd engaging in d40. Check abs sensors, usually the rear sensor cables are damaged as they are exposed to debris. The abs light on your dash indicates this is the problem. I had a similar issue with mine. However my fault was the actual abs controller

  3. Very informative video. I see how you removed the switches. I have a '08 Xterra (US vehicle). My question is how to you remove the clips that are attached to the switches? – Thanks.

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