Silverado 2500HD 6.0 Vortec Transmission Oil Cooler Lines Replacement

Replacing the transmission cooler lines while I have easy access before the lift kit goes in. Pretty easy job except the aftermarket clips that I struggled with.

Things that might help with a project like this:
AC Delco Lower Line:
AC Delco Upper Line:
AC Delco Retainer(Clip):

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“Project Midnight” 2002 Silverado 2500HD 6.0 Vortec V8 4L80 Auto Trans



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  1. It's good to get that done now. I wonder what the book time is for that job. Would painting the lines help them last longer? I imagine so. But the equation eventually swings on how long you are going to keep the truck.

  2. ever see anyone use flex line for these lines? I'm about to do a engine swap on my s10 and the trans lines is something I want to change but I want to streamline them out of the way and flexible hose is easier to work with then hard line.

  3. Cool video. I actually Just had my transmission lines that run to my auxiliary cooler replaced a few weeks ago by Mister Transmission. It wasn't too costly to have them do it, as I don't have the tools nor the garage to do a job like that in, especially in the tight places the cooler is in my F350. The lines in my truck were just the end pieces really, they were sweating through the lines and a lot of dirt and sludgy looking buildup was coating about the first 5 inches of line coming out of the cooler, and I also had the little cylinder shaped auxiliary filter for the cooler replaced at the same time also as it was coated in nasty crap too. I'm the sort of person that keeps a close watchful eye on all my equipment and taking serious mental notes of what to keep a close eye on and I like to replace parts before they start to cause me grief or problems. And my trucks never let me down before, or ever left me stranded so I think I'm doing something right. In my opinion if you treat your equipment the right way, it will more than likely show you the same respect also.

  4. Yeah, I need oil cooler lines on my Yukon, but I know the Dorman lines don't last long so I'm holding off until I can play the $80 a piece for the OE lines. Mine aren't rusted just leak on the rubber sections.

  5. It looks like maybe lately you've been gaining quite a few subscribers. Maybe I haven't noticed until now but it seems like it was just at 12k. Love to see this channel grow

  6. I spent a little more and had some made with hydraulic lines and fittings. They were a lot easier to route around everything too!

  7. That 3rd line that goes from top of the radiator to the front of the auxiliary radiator is where mine is leaking from. Working on a 2004 chevy avalanche 2500 series can't find the name for it or even a part at any auto parts store. Any good places to look for that item for my truck??

  8. just finished mine today.Used the Dorman kit, it had new clips. Took me about four hours from start to finish and I'm glade to say I have no leaks. Thanks for the vids on how to's.

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