The Differences Between AWD and 4WD

If you, like many people, thought that AWD and 4WD were the same thing, then you might surprised to learn that they are in fact separate entities. Here are the key differences!


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Audi Quattro S1 / Leo Pavlík test


Defender offroad action @Fursten Forrest

“Novi Golf Variant 4motion 2.0 R BMT DSG (300 HP)” by Porsche Ljubljana



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  1. Basically your AWD is for going out on surfaces that your FWD or rwd can't handle train like loose rocks covered in snow or inch and a half deep mud but still being able to go decently fast on the other hand 4WD is for more like my diesel truck that won't get stuck in mud 4 feet deep

  2. WRONG!! All of that is complete balljuice! AWD is temporary – unless the wheels require drive – and is NOT selectable, 4WD is ALL the wheels ALL the time – but can be manually selectable. Twonks like this confuse the sheep, and make them believe that they know everything, when they know F. all, and should still be in the ball pit at the children's play centre – but when the children are NOT allowed in!

  3. Perfect video thx you,
    But you did not explain why when the terrain is though, a 50/50 distribution will help more than a normal AWD 😉

  4. Arent they wrong in saying that making the two axels spin at the same speed, ie locking center diff at 1:37, is a 50/50 torque split? A 50/50 torque split is essentially an open diff since wheels spinning easier will spin a lot faster with the same torque as one with good traction.

  5. Last use the old kiss phrase keep it simple stupid.. In other words if you have an all wheel drive I want a two-wheel drive or you're not use me or I see or bad conditions take your front drive shaft out when you need it or the weather is going to get bad put it back in simple over and out cheapest simplest easiest way to go you don't want to use it all the time and rather use two wheel drive take the front drive shaft out you want an all-wheel drive to get you where you need to go and bad weather and ice and snow but the front drive shaft back in once again the old phrase and parentheses kiss which means keep it simple stupid

  6. That's what I do and I have a 2000 Chevy Astro all wheel drive and I don't want to run it I paint my front drive shaft out and keep it in the vehicle when you in case I need it and my tools when I need it I stop pullover for my car ramps out pull it up on the ramps and put the front drive shaft back in simple easy. That's the way I do and have done it every time ever since I bought this vehicle I have owned it for about 6 years

  7. Why everyone stuck to cars? AWD and 4WD for 2 axle car is the same thing. Most American semi-trucks have 4WD systems but they're not AWD because they have 3 axles. If you happen to have a awd motorcycle it is definitely not 4WD because it only has 2 wheels

  8. But the early/mid 2000’s denali and Silverado ss used a transfercase and they were all wheel drive. And let’s not forget about the bravada. They were awd too with a transfer case

  9. What's sad is a lot of websites pop up about awd when you type in 4 wheel drive in your search engine. What's even worse is some car sellers don't even know the difference.

  10. When you think of AWD, you think of Subaru

    When you think of 4WD, you think of Land Rover

    Subaru has the bestEST AWD system, bestEST engine (in term of weight which reduces rollover) and bestEST perfomance, unlike an apathetic teenager, an unbalanced engine is not operating at its full potential, …

  11. The stupid little cunt at the Budget rent a car tried to tell me that my AWD SUV was going to be less safe than the bigger 4WD SUV…LITTLE DOUCH BAG was just trying to get me to pay 300 extra dollars!!!!

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