Understanding the Vacuum locking Front Axle of a Toyota Pickup

—Apparently, this video’s undergoing a Copyright Claim on the Royalty Free Music—
—So I might have to re-upload this video with different music—

Ever wonder just what the hell’s going on in there?
Well wonder no more.

You’re Welcome.



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  1. Very good video, I own a 1991 Toyota pickup V6 4×4. Stumbled upon your videos when searching about 3vze turbo stuff. Pretty cool that you actually did it, even if it didn't last. I do all sorts of work on mine, 315,00 miles and counting! Love those trucks and I was just wondering about the front axle vacuum stuff. Keep the content coming! Any plans for the engine in that truck?

  2. my 4×4 '94 22RE 5-speed pickup bucks when I put it in 4wd. makes me wonder if one of the previous owners swapped the gear ratio on the front or the rear and left them mismatched. according to the vin sticker axle code, it says it's supposed to be a 4.10 ratio. guess it's time to count some wheel & driveshaft rotations then throw down some simple division.

  3. you must have figured out front is 7.5" rear is 8" so you can not put rear gears in front? not seen any replies to this to tell that:)other then that, good video

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