Easy and safe way to break a tire bead

Use just two common garage tools to unseat even the most stubborn tire beads. Seriously easy, and won’t damage your wheel !

People have asked why I went through so much trouble to just save $22 per tire mounting. Simply, it is because the shop workers don’t use care while installing. They had previously scratched my hubcaps and wheels, lost custom valve caps, and incorrectly balanced new tires. By mounting the tires ourselves, we’ll save some money and make sure the job gets done right.



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  1. My backyard way is laying a 2×4 on one side of the tire, take my other car and drive up on the wood and the weight of the front car busts the bead.. *edit make sure you let the air out before hand lol

  2. Great video. Well shot, clear instructions and easy to follow. Thanks!

    And all those with their "Why bother blah blah tyre shop blah blah"… well they are just morons who wouldn't understand the why…

  3. Awesome! Just finished replacing 4 tires! Rav4 225/65R17 with the Harborfreight 3ton jack was a piece of cake in a livingroom while watching the movie! With euro paste and two irons, all tires changed in less than an hour with no sweat! Thank you for the wonderful tip! I bet you were a A+ student, and you deserve another A+!

  4. the best way I found is ,put the tire in front of the left front wheel of your truck  and move up on it slowly while turning your wheel. back off and flip tire over and do same  OH  TAKE OUT THE VALVE

  5. I think that I'm going to use that one on the smaller tires, that are on my pickup truck! If it will do the big stubborn ones, then it will do the small and easy ones. I can't wait to try that out! 🙂

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