How to Change a Flat Tire on a Sprinter Van I Step-by-step Instructions

Don’t get stuck in the backcountry with a flat tire. In this video, I share a detailed step-by-step tutorial of how to change a tire. Whether you have a Sprinter Van, like me, or a normal car, the process for jacking up the car and putting on the spare tire is similar…but before proceeding, you should always check the instructions in your owner’s manual for your individual car, and if you aren’t comfortable get help.

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  1. Tip: Rather than pulling on the wrench handle, place it in a position under you so that you can push on it, using your body weight to assist you. Happy camping!

  2. It would be good to jack it up high enough to get the spare on before taking the flat off. That will be an estimate. But by looking at the spare you should be able to make a good guess. If you put the tire iron or jack handle under the spare tire as you put the spare on it will be a nice lever to lift the tire. It basically reduces the weight of the new tire so it is easier to lift through leverage.

  3. If I were doing this I would probably stand on the ratchet to undo the wheel bolts (at home I would be using a breaker bar). I would also also have the jack handle pointing out the back of the vehicle. If I were doing this in an emergency I would haul up on the ratchet to tighten the wheel bolts, but I weigh 105 Kg and can pull a fair amount; if I were you I would stand on the ratchet and get the torque settings checked later, 180 Nm is a lot of torque. If not on a level ground it might be an idea to chock at least one of the other wheels with a brick or rock.

  4. Everyone here has their idea on how the vehicle should be jacked up; but I've always gone by that after the lug nuts have been broken and you can turn them by hand, you should jack up the vehicle till the bottom of the bad tire can be rotated freely about a few inches off the ground (0-5")…

  5. Barefoot; I'm loooking for a top carriage rack, something like what I see at the top of the van. How does it hook on, without any gutters? I have a 2008 long 170" sprinter.

  6. Good video, but you might be doing it the hard way.

    Most vehicles have a "jacking point" on the side frame so that it is not necessary to lie on the ground.

    To loosen the lugs easily, add a 2 feet extension bar to the wrench to give you more leverage. But don't use it for tightening.

    Practice using the pry bar under the tire rather than trying to lift it by hand. I'm 5'7, 125lb and can do a tire without even exerting myself.

  7. Great enthusiasm, I like it …..,

    I'll give you some campers friendly advices about changing flat,

    – Safety, your front wheels need to be straight and please put something in front of diagonal wheel from flat, just in case and activate parking brake
    – jack need to be placed on the spot where factory recommended ( check the owner manual book ), very important for safety reasons
    – because of your physical power get some 1 1/2 inch steel pipe, 2 feet long for better leverage
    and more easy do the job and please do not use your back, use your upper body with arms to do the job ( using your back power you have big chance to hurt your back )
    – you need "Drive click torque wrench" to tighten the aluminum wheel and be safe that you have right amount of torque on the bolts
    – cut some 4×4 peace of pressure treated stud ( long 15-18 inch ) to support your van beside your hydraulic jack
    – pair of leather gloves will be good thing to have and use
    – Sprinter hydraulic jack sometime get the air in and good thing to know is how to bleed air from jack, its very easy, YouTube video will show you how ….
    – refill all your tires with NITROGEN, best place for that is Costco tire shop, why nitrogen, more safe than air and tire temperature do not change the inflation pressure

    Have a safe and pleasant trips …..

  8. #1 First make sure your vehicle is in park!!! It's a no-brainer, but people do have to be reminded.
    #2 Put some chocks in front of and behind the wheels in case your parking brake does not hold the vehicle in place! Walmart sells light-weight yellow plastic ones or you can use wood chocks.
    Putting your spare tire under the frame too close to the tires could make it difficult to remove it, if your vehicle rolls forward a couple of inches.
    And is that spare tire you tucked under the vehicle wider than your head when the vehicle falls?
    I wouldn't want to find out! You should never be under the vehicle when jacking it up. If your short, you can pick up a longer pipe at a hareware store to go over the jack handle so you won't be under the vehicle.

  9. looks fantastic and some great tips here but its easy on a rear tyre so how about a video showing how to jack up the front with that bottle jack and change a front tyre which is a lot harder ? unless you can prove me wrong please ?

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