Picked up a set of Ironman A/T from online for $442! Not bad for a set of truck tires plus with free shipping! I had them installed by a shop. After driving them in the rain and on dry road they do great. Haven’t tried them out in mud yet but my cousin has the same tires on his jeep and he said they grip well in mud. The tires are also quiet and has a smooth ride! There installed on a 99 Dodge Ram 1500 4WD known as the SuperRam!

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  1. IMHO I just had the same set installed on my 2500HD. I had Savaro tires and they were awesome but since I did not rotate them they wore unevenly and too fast. Anyway I just want to say the Ironman tires sway a lot if you know what I mean. I'm saying the truck now seems to have weak sidewall characteristics which cause me to drift a little on blacktop roads. I am not thrilled and should have bought new Savaros. (Maybe Savero, of severo, Savero)

  2. I was hesitant to get them until I learned cooper now owns Hercules which makes ironman. If it's good enough for a well known company like cooper it's good enough to go on my vehicle. I haven't put them on yet but I bought the ironman all country M/T for my 2002 Tacoma. All the reviews I've seen say good tread life on half ton trucks and up. So I imagine they will go the distance on a small pickup. It's not my daily driver so having the rough 10ply ride won't bother me or the road noise.

  3. My son had 265/75/16 AT's on his lifted Jeep Cherokee. They were nice for the first year/10K. After that they started going down hill, very poor wet traction and he developed a death wobble. We rebuilt/replaced every part in his front end, balanced tires, didnt help. After 2 yrs and about 18K tread is half gone and dry rot checking occurring. Switched out with some meaty mud tires, death wobble went away.
    Wont buy again

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