10 Brutal 6х6 Vehicles More Powerful than Ordinary Off-Road Trucks

How many wheels would you say is enough for an off-roader? Four powered by a 4-wheel drive should be able to do the job most of the time, right? Nevertheless, many custom workshops explore the possibility of adding another axle and a pair of wheels to create 6×6 monsters of all-terrain adventures. In today’s episode we will explore the family of 6wheel drive vehicles that are ready to conquer any obstacle or simply shock fellow drivers on the streets.
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Pickup trucks that are coming to the market in 2019:

All-New Large SUVs Arriving by 2020:

Hennessey Velociraptor 6×6+ Goliath 6×6:×6/

After a successful run of Hennessy Velociraptor 6×6 in 2018, the company released another 6×6 off-roader, this time on the basis the Chevrolet Silverado Trail Boss Z71. The new 705 horsepower machine was given a mighty name – Goliath 6×6.

Flying Huntsman 6×6:

The Chelsea Truck company was founded by Afzak Khan and for almost ten years has specialized in custom modification of the iconic off-road vehicles. One of the most prominent designs of the British workshop is the Flying Huntsman 6×6.

Can-Am Outlander Max 6×6 XT:×6-xt.html

This utility vehicle is manufactured by the Canadian company Can-Am and brings true practicality to the table. The Outlander Max 6X6 XT can tow a bunch and carry quite a lot.

Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6×6:

While the G-class family was revised by Mercedes for the 2019, their most impressive model to date still remains the G 63 AMG 6×6.

Devel Sixty:

Devel is mostly famous for their intentions to build a hypercar with 5,000 horsepower. While this it is highly doubted by the majority of automotive community, their performance Truck Devel 60 actually looks like it could go into limited production someday.

Bureko 6×6 and Bureko Hummer 6×6:×6.html

New Bureko 6×6 and Bureko Hummer 6×6 are six wheeled off-roaders from a Czech manufacturer of the same name. The New Bureko is based on third generation Chevrolet Silverado with either a 6.2L or a 7.0L V8 under the hood.

Wild Boar Jeep Wrangler 6×6 HellHog:

Wild Boar Jeep Wrangler 6×6 HellHog is the ultimate off-road machine with 6 wheels, 3 heavy duty axles, 1000 miles of range, and a supercharged version of a Hellcat 6.2L V8 netting 754 horses and 675 lb-ft of torque. A similar Wild Boar modification of the 2017 Jeep Wrangler is currently available on on Craigslist for $290,000.

Flying Huntsman 6×6 Civilian:

One of the latest creations of the Chelsea Truck Company is the people’s carrier Flying Huntsman 6×6 dubbed as Civilian. Just like the original modification it is based on the Land Rover Defender.

Ferox Azaris:

Azaris by the Australian-based exploration vehicles manufacturer Ferox is a 6 by 6 all-terrain vehicle that uses unique fluid drive system with in-wheel motors and can be powered by any type of powertrain.

Avtoros Shaman:

It is probably quite shocking, but some engineers of off-road vehicles are convinced that that twelve wheels is not enough for a truck. This is when the Russian made Avtoros Shaman 8 by 8 comes in.



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  1. Amg g63 6*6 is still my favourite but i could see the flying huntsman as a favorite too mainly because land rover defenders are awesome and i love the old school they have

  2. The name 'Flying Huntsman' would scare a lot of people in Australia. Just what a hairy dinner plate sized arachnid needs to make it even more horrifying is a pair of wings XD

    Great vid btw

  3. These are gimmick vehicles, Steyr Puch Pinzgauer 6×6 with portal axles and centre tubular chassis, incorporated drivetrain and articulating differentials with fully independent suspension. Sorry but you can't beat military technology, and at a fraction of the price at around $ 50 to 70 K.

  4. Just a friendly suggestion; though your accent is mildly irritating at times, it really is not that bad. Nonetheless, you could definitely improve it. Everything else about the video was enjoyable. ?

  5. Hellhog, definitely, but wait for the Hellephant to come out. 1000 horse 6×6 with a 6 speed, and a NP242HD T-Case. 6X6 that can do wheel stands! Or the 8X8 Oshkosh Hemtt with a REALLY BIG pickup box on it.

  6. I'd picked the shaman above all bcoz it's cool , great, nice looking, and just everything is great about it but I seriously doubt if it can be driven on road ( legally )..

  7. Disappointed not to see the Arctic Trucks modification on the Hilux. A 6×6 modification with 44" tires that is actually operating every year in the Antarctic. I would think that after a few years of reliable service in that environment should warrant a place on this list.

    It is a modification on offer in many of the Arctic Trucks workshops. Don't need the 44" tires but can go as small as 35".

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