2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro: Manual vs. Automatic Off-Road Review

Which 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro is better: a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic? Let’s take the trucks through a series of three off-road tests in a gorgeous Hana Ranch, Maui, Hawaii to find the difference.

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  1. The manual 6 speed is pretty good off road, and a lot of fun to drive, except in traffic jams. The automatic apparently is good too, but the gear hunting pisses some people off. Hard choice, but grateful to own one.

  2. Just like the carburetor and crank start, the manuals will soon be extinct. I mean I enjoy driving them but they're obsolete technology and there's really no point in continuing making them. Considering that automatics now beat them in all categories except maybe costs to repair, it's only a matter of time before the coffin is closed on the stick shift!

  3. can anyone tell me if it damages the transmission if I drive my automatic transmission in the manual setting? I like to set it where it only goes down to the 4 gear

  4. It’s not that the Manuel is bad it’s the fact Manuel Tacoma’s are Very hard to find. Before I bought my Toyota Tacoma I asked about a Manuel and they could not find one in Washington . I thinks it’s the fact that people are trying to not have Manuel transmissions produced or the fact that people are super lazy now.

  5. I’ve owned Miata’s, sport bikes, & currently a Focus ST (all manual) and the Tacoma TRD Off Road is looking like my next adventure! With that said I will be going with the automatic gear box. Am I no longer considered a “real car guy”? I live in San Francisco where traffic is stop & go all day with hills around every corner so it simply gets tiring. I’ll be 90% commuting & 10% weekend exploring so it makes more sense for my lifestyle. My point is, don’t let people tell you what gear box to go with. Take a look at your lifestyle and what suits you best because at the end of the day you’re the one who’s driving it. Cheers!

  6. Automatic is sluggish AF…..almost can't stand it. If Ford does the Bronco right, I'll be trading my 18' Taco 4×4. Not holding my breath after seeing the Ranger though.

  7. I have a friend named Manuel…lol. I grew up driving a stick shift and leaned to drive by driving a ford pinto 4 speed. I then had a 1972 ford and it was a stick shift, then had a 1964 ford custom 500 that was 3 on the tree with over drive. Then had a 1985 f150 that was a stick shift, then another f 250 diesel with a stick shift. Also a 1998 GMC 2500 stick shift. Now that I live in the city I would not want a stick shift because of stop and go traffic for what I do. Automatic is god for me. In 1999 I bought a new ZR2 that was automatic and it was over. I loved the automatic. Now that I will be in he market for a heavy duty truck, I will want an automatic because of the new technology and the automatic transmissions with exhaust brakes for diesel have better control than back in the day. I think the reason I always had a stick shift was because my uncle that was a mechanic said they are cheaper to fix and is better to control a load when we hauled wood in the mountains back in the day. Drive a stick shift in the city everyday downtown or in rush hour and you will change your mind quick to go with automatic. Automatics are better so you can text and drive hahahaha just kidding. I always get stuck in traffic and am looking forward to buying an automatic.

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