2WD vs 4WD (Two Wheel Drive Eaton G80 Locker vs 4 Wheel Drive Open Diff) | AnthonyJ350

We decide to take the Interceptor offroad with an FJ Cruiser to see what the truck can do. We took it into an environment what you would typically see if you went camping. It’s not trail driving but you’re off the beaten path enough where ground clearance, tires and traction devices like a locker (Eaton G80 in this case) will help you get through the terrain.

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2WD vs 4WD (Two Wheel Drive Eaton G80 Locker vs 4 Wheel Drive Open Diff) | AnthonyJ616




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  1. love your vids. im thinking about putting a diff locker in my 2wd ford ranger. i plan to do some moderate offroading and mudding. i was just wounding what your opinion on locked 2wd truck for off roading is. thanks.

  2. Not bad. The  2WD locker is pretty good. I am buying a 2WD locker just for regular use and an occasional campground area towing. The locker seems quite capable for that. Naturally an all out comparison of 2WD to 4WD is irrelevant- 4WD wins offroad but still, the capability of the locker 2WD is impressive. Another 2016 video Lifted 2WD tacoma in FL really shows off the 2wd capabilities as well.

  3. Waste of time. Neither truck was really tested close enough to it's limits to see how they compared in overall traction. One would assume the 4WD would have an advantage, but dunno

  4. dont need diff lock as long as u no how to drive my 2wd s10 goes better then my 4wd colorado and i live in pa so we get snow no weight in back or anything

  5. I was Quality Control for DOD my job was testing military vehicles lockers winches and so on, if your willing to drive a vehicle like a mad man it will get through more shit than you will give it credit for, trust me on this one.

  6. Typical Vancouver 4×4 pozer crap. Richmond, south Fraser River…I've driven a Honda Accord through that stuff. No risk of getting stuck but far more from cutting a tire on discarded pallets and sofas.

    If you want to be a 4×4 Youtube Hero, spend a day exploring either east or west of Harrison Lake and you'll realize there are few places 4×2 beats 4×4…if you want to use those trucks the way they were meant to be used.

    Or try this….put 1,200 pounds of firewood in the back of that pickup and you'd be amazed at what it can cut through.

  7. I have a ford ranger.. and i'm more concerned with not losing control in normal driving on a highway with snow or rain… any thoughts. I don't hot dog it… I'm light on the throttle … but is that enough. the locker seems a great idea for better mpg and lower maintenance than four wheel drive. I just don't want to get killed taking advantage of it.

  8. Most off-roaders do not realize the huge difference between real studded winter tires and common off-road tires in the winter, The Champiros shown here are almost illegally (here in Finland) bad winter tires, but even they are vastly superior to any normal off-road tires. Michelins or Nokians are again like from a different planet compared to Champiros. The video really does not show how difficult some of the sections have been.
    Some off-roaders think that mud tires are ok for the winter, but they may even pay that error with their lives, as even a good summer tire is better on an icy road than a mud tire. Studs help a bit, and custom made siping helps a lot. Still a car with even bad avd outperforms a real 4×4 if the car has , say, studded Nokians and the truck has mud terrains, on ice, that is.

  9. Respect for your effort – and the sensible view points! I'm designing a self build to go You Kay to Tibet via Russia and Mongolia. Having raced dirt back in the day and keen to have an MPG return of 27 I'm seriously looking at the 2WD + Locker option. (plus I can run less agressive, low drag front tyres -) –

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