3 Tips/Concepts for Riding Desert Whoops

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Here are 3 tips for riding desert whoops. No, I’m not an expert, but I’m getting slowly better.
1 – Click up a gear and accelerate, or maintain speed.
2 – Get as far back on the bike as you can.
3 – keep front wheel light and try to make it hit the top section of each bump. Don’t let it dip into the bottom of the whoops.
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  1. Good Video, Good tips right on. Whoops in old school (a.k.a 1970's) terms "Whoopdie-doo's". Whoops, happen naturally caused by acceleration and breaking. An excellent learning conundrum experience where the natural instinct is to slow down but, the truth is speed and body position makes it easier and smoother. Try to explain the enlightenment of that feeling and knowledge is helpful in life to conservative thinking people. especially when you get to the point that yes speed makes it smoother but, too much speed can send you over the bars. Thats hard to explain is an experience that Gamers don't understand. Good video

  2. seems if I lean back and crank the throttle it helps with the whoops. of course having the proper set sag and proper srings in front helps a lot lol. Colorado has whoops EVERYWHERE im talking about….every trail lol

  3. Hey Kyle, here's a topic I'd love to hear! Riding gear in the winter, what kind of riding gear do you wear to keep warm? I live in southern Ontario, sometimes we have snow, sometimes we don't but it's always really cold. I find my fingers freeze up real quick and my body gets so cold it's not even enjoyable. I'd love to hear this topic come up in one of your next upcoming videos!

  4. One of the most important things is to breathe. As soon as you start holding your breathe they will wear you out fast. As long as you breathe your keeping everything flowing the way it should inside letting you flow on the outside.

  5. WOOPIEEEEE! Looks like a good trail for the CR. Now don't you be neglecting that ole girl. Your handling those woopers pretty good Kyle just don't blow your knee out again.

  6. Pounding whoops was part of my training when racing disctrict 37 best in the desert series in Southern California. There was about a 5 mile stretch along the road to El Mirage dry lakebed that I would just ride till I was worn out, which didn't take very long. Riding whoops at speed seems to work every part of your body. I know this because every part of my body would hurt the next day. Haha. Just beware that superman feeling when you are skipping across all the tops of the whoops because there is a double deep dirtbike eating whoop coming up that is gonna try to swallow your front tire and steal your pride.   I also think the big heavy 4 stroke 450s make a better desert bike than the 2 strokes. They are a bit more stable and really like to go straight.

  7. My best advice is to do squats or leg press in the gym to help build leg muscle.. My legs used to get burned out fast in whoops.. I'm still not great either,, But much better now that my legs last longer.

  8. This will be useful info for me to use once the snow melts here in Colorado. Only thing I'm worried about is keeping control while doing that but I'll get the hang of it I'm sure

  9. Further back steg pegz with 2 pucks on
    The best way to use steg pegs is lean back in to them your boots will rest on the puck then that will allow the pressure of you arms
    The help alot with whoops and whooped out turns if you want to seen them in action just look up toby price on you tube and watch hes videos on finke and hattah desert races

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