7 Trucks Hitting Bridges And A Sign (Not The 11Foot8 Bridge)

7 trucks hitting bridges and a sign. Everybody on the pedestrian bridge survived.
If you’re looking for the 11foot8 bridge go here:
If you’re looking for his little brother go here:



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  1. WOW! Absolutely brain dead retards these days. You know what brain dead mean? I doubt it. Brain dead is a term used on people who have no awareness, no thought, no thinking, no consideration and no what if, or what happens and what then. Hence they're either brain retarded or have no brains in their craniums but broiled eggs or mashed potatoes, you know, does broiled eggs or mashed potatoes function as consciousness that help thinking and guiding a person into awareness and alertness? Nah! Hence brain dead. If I was a truck driver, which I was and have been so for nearly 40 years, I would immediately know that I have the tray raised by lack of power (like a full load) because it act like a parachute that tends to slow the truck down. I would check all rear vision mirrors and that can helps you see the side of the entire tray if it's raised, or, the strange long shadow on the ground that I had not seen before, at least not during midday, and finally the clanking of the open tailgate flapping and hitting the tray. Plus, motorists would usually beeped the horn to warn if the tray is raised. How the fuck can you fail all of these warnings? Well, have you watched the snails when they crawl and hit their eyes on objects, pull the eyes in and start again. Same thing with these brain dead drivers. They see nothing, hear nothing and think of nothing, which makes you ask questions, how the fuck can they be so incompetent and how the very fuck did they get their heavy trucks license? I mean, when an accident of this magnitude happens it usually ends up on television news all day, what are other sick fucking truck drivers do when they get home, do they watch the news or breaking news? And what will they do the next day, are they going to drive carefully, check and secure their trucks and make sure the truck and load is safe? Of course not. They trust their instinct with an attitude of 'She's alright mate' and move on into another day that's similar to yester-day, no awareness, no safety improvement and no competency or thoughts of being a better and safer driver, hell no. Same madness, same bullshit and ignorance, same idiocy and same bastard who thinks only for himself and couldn't careless about safety, pedestrians, other road user, structures, bridges and so on. What I don't get is, how can these bastards go home and think that all the shit they've done in one day is perfectly okay to be done again the next day? Easy. This is where the term brain dead retards comes in because they have no embarrassments, no shame and no feelings. Bastards all along, day after day, year after year.

  2. Trucks have already wires and hoses going from the puller to the trailer, why isn’t in all those trucks who can carry those trailers and built-in the trailer system, some kind of switch that the trailer system hits when it goes up that triggers an alarm sound into the driving cabin, that tells the driver that back hydraulic is going up

  3. Who is dumber? The truck driver who speeds up behind the dump truck knowing he is gonna hit the sign or 5he pedestrians on the pedestrian bridge who stand there and watch the approaching disaster without running away?

  4. The dump truck drivers are pretty dumb to not know their beds are in the up position…

    But the really really stupid people in this video that need to immediately be removed from the gene pool are the dumbasses that rear-ended them after the dump trucks crashed.

  5. In this day and age when everything in our lives is about SAFETY SAFETY SAFETY (prob b/c of lawsuits etc) one would think for it to be a safety requirement for all dump bed vehicles to have a working audible in cab buzzer/chime while the bed is not locked…. The government/car companies want to force me listen to a stupid seat belt chime when I drive without a buckled seat belt so why not this?… I have seen way too many of these videos…. Actually, for SAFETY's sake, a better idea would be a mandatory speed governor to prevent the vehicle from traveling over a certain speed while bed is not down and locked…. So what if it's cost prohibitive if it makes the roads SAFER!
    And fwiw i am completely against what I just suggested as well as all other chickenshit safety bs forced upon us- The 70's were so much better (although I will take today's commercial aviation over that of the 70's)

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