Axe Men Off Road Log Truck from season 8

The custom built rock truck turned log truck on Axe Men.I think it sold for $17,000 here.Owned by Triack Resources



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  1. Interesting piece of gear for sure. I can imagine this unit taking much more stress and load than it was designed for. On a side note, I think they took the cab door off in some of the scenes.

  2. The headache-rack looks questionable; a force applied to the top of the rack is going to generate tremendous shear loads on the bottom bolts. Also, the brackets on the bottom look inadequate on the video. I wouldn't trust it to stop much.

  3. Seemed like a good idea, but the better idea was the Cat skidder with a dump box on the back that went through the auction some years back, that, was a brilliant idea of a single purpose machine getting turned into something better.

  4. Looks like an old ar-tic. Brakes won't stop anything out in the woods. Probably has a retarder and needs a good driver that's scared of a crash to go along with it. Maybe a drop anchor.

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