Building A Custom Offroad Bumper For My Dump Truck! (Part 1 of 2)

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  1. 82,455 views and only 3 comments? Herdederr. Gotta love Chuck, he immediately vacuums up a few crumbs of fiberglass off the floor but will leave a lake of tranny fluid on his floor for like 2 weeks! keep on keepin on Chuck, love following your videos

  2. ChuckE, my Dad mad a Front Bumper like this for his work truck. He was just entering an intersection when a guy being chased by LAPD materialized in front of him. He actually laughed right before we “T” boned the kid. That impact pushed the truck to the left and aligned the edge of the right wing of the bumper straight toward the right. Not only did it total the car being chased the Police Officer hit the bumper at speed impacting the Crown Vic just outboard of the Left Headlight and it skinned the left side of the Crown Vic. After all the screaming was over and the tow trucks were being called my dad and I pulled at the car parts off the bumper and sprayed some flat black spray paint on it. When the traffic investigation guy got there he asked where the damage was to the truck, me and my Dad cracked up and he said “We have a ChuckE Bumper, we didn’t take damage” thought you might get a chuckle, Hay, a ChuckE chuckle.

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