Building A Custom Offroad Bumper For My Dump Truck! (Part 2 of 2)

Learn More About the Everlast Power iMIG 230i here:



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  1. Built this massive bumper, and still opens the door from the inside with a screwdriver…love it, I guess if you had a CNC machine you could make the parts, sorry had to say that, the saga of the CNC machine still has me laughing. It's OK if someone doesn't like something, unless it's a CNC machine then everyone hates on you.

  2. Massive bumper, I believe you could knock a tree down without damaging that front bumper or the dump truck for that matter. But you might shake some teeth loose!

  3. Could you build a similar bumper for a pickup truck with a bull bar style on the front, like a "Ranch Hand".? If so, what would be the cost?

  4. 47,000 lb D rings but the welds attaching it to the bumper likely are nowhere near that strong. The bumper is certainly stout but don’t confuse a D ring rating for actual finished rating capacity.

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