composite walled (no wood) teardrop trailer by Overland Explorer :Offroad Expo 2016

This is probably one of the most bad ass toughest built offroad tear drop trailers I have seen yet.

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The gear I use.

GoPro Hero 4 Silver with the LCD screen.

EVO GP Pro 3 axis gimbal.

I use Sandisk micro SD cards in 32GB capacity.

I use the LUMIX FZ1000 that shoots in 4k.

Tamrac backpack that holds a 15″ MacBook Pro laptop

Tactical fleece jacket.

KEEN boots.





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  1. We should do a test in life……sell this at decent price like 10k and see how many people buy one and compare it to 25k price and check your profit. Thats why we have so many grumpy people cause everything cost so dam much money in this life

  2. Awesome yes, but I just looked up their prices…dear baby jesus, I just can't see spending $42,000.00 on a Tear Drop. I could buy a damn Trailer and make it awesome for less than 6k.

  3. Love it but too pricey for me but I do understand the costs of making them.But when you can get a 26 foot travel trailer that sleeps 6 and has toilet shower tv's big fridge etc etc it's hard to sell this to the wife who really doesn't understand me lol.I also know she makes sense.These will only come down in price if Coleman or other big big companies start mass production of these.

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