Dump Truck's Transmission is Destroyed :( Plus A Brake Repair & Driveshaft Bearing Replacement!

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  1. There was no brake repair, all you did was replenish the fluid.
    It would've been a better job to open all the bleed nipples and let the old fluid run out 'till the reservoir had just emptied then poured new fluid in to follow the old stuff through the system, then close each nipple when the new fluid appeared from that nipple. It's bound to have needed a fluid change, and that would have done it.

  2. Next time put the barring in the freezer next time for a few hours and take a small torch and wave over shaft a few times just enough to get it warm and the bating will slide right on same with u joints won't even need the press

  3. I have driven trucks and cranes with air-over-hydraulic brakes that would lock up on the lightest touch like that when empty, but you would have to put both feet on the pedal and pull against the steering wheel as hard as you can to get them to stop when heavily loaded. Be careful.

  4. As an OTR semi driver who has had to wear a "brain-bucket" many a time in and out of shippers and receivers, I fucking lost it when you started duct-taping the damned thing to your head… Pure genius… Wish I'd thought of that…

  5. I have never seen a carrier bearing make noise, the first clue is when it tears out of the rubber mount and the driveshaft starts banging on metal.

  6. If you want to work on heavy equipment you need to purchase some proper tools ? keep safe. They do have replacement rims without the lockers don’t loose the looks this way. Again be safe

  7. Chuck now when you put the drive shaft back in phase it. Before you pull the tranny check the PTO chuck put the bearing on your anvil and smash it with your 3 lb hammer race should fall off Transny looks like N P 435

  8. Don't hard hate not have a chin strap for safety reasons? I'm not being a safety Sally I'm just really intrigued as to why there are no chip strap safety hats

  9. I enjoyed the dunce cap intro. They make chin straps for hard hats. I use them when working in the bucket truck. Also they make something more comfy called a bump cap. That usually stays on your head.q

  10. This is not the correct method for checking wear on driveshaft components. Twisting with two hands at the universal joint will show up worn joints. Driveshaft should not be welded as that changes their heat treatment and weakens the shaft , causing premature failure. Yep hammer the bearing with a cold chisel, " everything went flawlessly". Oil analyst extraordinaire. How would you like to be behind him fully loaded with soil, say 10 tons knowing he worked on the brakes that went down to the floor when he applied them .SCAREY.
    Don't you guys have road safety inspectors to monitor this ninny

  11. I use to install bearings on shafts. We used what's called an induction heater on the bearing itself. Which expands the inner race of the bearing. Then slam the bearing on the shaft. Once the bearing cooled, it stuck on the shaft. Just make sure to double check.. measure the o.d of the shaft and make sure the bearing corresponds to where it's being mounted on the shaft. Calipers are the way to go when measuring .

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