Fraser Island – Rainbow Beach – Sand driving – camping on Fraser island – Inskip point – Overlanding

Our trip from melb to Fraser island.
Myself and 6 other mates left from Melbourne just after boxing day 2017 and headed for Fraser island, This is a video of our trip heading north and all the places we stopped along the way.
It shows our camp ground at Cathedrals on fraser and at rainbow beach and inskip point. heaps of 4wding on the sand and fun times had,
Then its the trip home, we visited Australia zoo and a few other places like wet and wild as well

Please watch: “Off road Racing Series – Offroad Racing with Narva Racing Trophy truck”




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  1. How on earth did he make it look so hard getting that BT50 through Ngkala? I go through there a few times a year and that's considered the easy bit…

  2. Great video mate. I try and get over there once a year. Hope you all had a goodtime. I bet that bloody coconut went home with you!!. Were you using the DJI mavic?

  3. Guys, great video looks you thoroughly enjoyed yourselves. I`ve been going to Fraser Island since 2001 and all I can say after  16 years it still blows my mind, hopefully we will see you back there one day soon. Life tough living in Qld lol

  4. As a BT50 owner, I was horrified to see the BT not get through the start of Ngkala Rocks. It is Shane? Tell him those things have a rear locker. He has shamed the BT50 community!!!!!! LOL Just joking. Yeah a 2" lift would not go astray.

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