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For the past two years and with the help of Utah Public Lands Alliance and Desert Roads and Trail Society, we’ve been working on something unique and special for off road enthusiasts in the Sand Hollow and Sand Mountain areas of Southern Utah. For the First time, visitors to Sand Hollow now have access to on trail location maps, GPS based digital maps, GPX navigation tracks, and the ability to print maps of the Sand Hollow area. And it’s all Free!

We’ve used sophisticated GPS satellite tracking data, cross referenced to actual areal photographs to build maps that are not only highly detailed, but are incredibly accurate. In addition to traditional Topographical lines, we’ve incorporated hill shading to help user understand the terrain. Blue, double dashed lines represent a level 3 rated connector trail system to help navigate to any section of the 20,000-acres. Large Orange circles denote the 5 staging areas used to access Sand Mountain. Fun and challenging OHV trails are named along with their trail ratings in the Legend as well as on the map it’s self. Color filled triangles represent trailheads and matching colored lines show trail routs.

You’d expect all of that from a trail map. Right? But here’s where a cool map turns into a crazy awesome map!

See those numbers at the top? They’re part of a grid system that starts at the Park Tunnel. From the tunnel, each grid line on the map represents 1 mile. This way you always know exactly how far you are from tunnel and can easily estimate your distance to or from any other location on the map. And if you break or get lost, you can easily tell help where to look for you. Cool Right?

And that little Date up there? Well that’s the date the map was published. This map is locally created and maintained. That means updates to the map happen as soon as we discover changes on the mountain. For example, see this area marked with red. There’s a problem right here, this part of the trail is not level 3 drivable at the moment. I discovered it this morning and by noon it was on the map. Just check the webpage and open the new version!

See the little camera icons? Points of interest; Many of them are accessible from the connector trail system. That means sight seeing in Sand Hollow is just as rewarding as tackling any of the more challenging trails. 360 panoramic views, interesting rock formations, and adrenaline charged photo ops are all marked by these little cameras.

You know those connector trails I told you about a min ago? Well those trails are all named as they are known by locals. We weren’t trying to be cool, it’s important! If you need assistance it’s really useful for rescue to know, for example, that you are just off “Water-Tank Rd” on the “Oasis Curt-off.” The time savings could be the difference of life or death.

Gota Pee? Well, we’ve marked were to do that as well.
Please don’t pee off the cliff! It’s just gross. Same goes for the guys!

Once downloaded, the map does not require any cellular or data service to run. That’s a good thing because many distant parts of the park do not have cell service. And just in case you are caught in a dead spot, down here in the bottom right we’ve listed local Ham Radio repeaters for you to connect to if you get in a jam. The Dixie Amateur Radio Club is very active and is a great emergency resource for those on the mountain.

Not only does this new resource dramatically upgrade the experience of Sand Hollow, it provides an unprecedented new level of safety and peace of mind to those wanting to traverse the seemingly endless trails available in one of the largest OHV locations in the Unites States. Best of all, its all available completely fee of charge. Simple connect to and follow the instructions to run the map on your smartphone, tablet, or feel free to print a copy and keep it in your map collection.

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