Gear Cub Range Rover Sport SVR and Land Cruiser 105 Off Road on Sand

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Range Rover Sport SVR and Land Cruiser 105 Off Road on Sand



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  1. 1. Deflate Tires
    2. Sand Driving very rarely requires immediate throttle, its all about momentum.
    Half of the driving could have been done in a 2wd if the top 2 basic rules were followed.

  2. Between the idiot who just want to go up hill at full throttle, the other who believes that a g wagon is anwser to everything, and another who thinks that they are comparing '14 range and '02 LC HDJ100…

    youtube people are not as smart as they want to proove

  3. You guys have zero business taking anything offroading. You should try doing this with someone that has actual good experience handling these vehicles offroad. Then, you might not look like complete knobheads.

  4. This is just embarrassing. It just shows how little Russians know about off roading. Guys leave it to the professionals. Let the Americans post videos of offroading. We know how to drive vehicles off road. My 1984 ford escort wagon could have beat those two. Because I know how to drive. Morons

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