Getting The Dump Truck Street Legal! Paint Job & Final Improvements



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  1. I have been watching for a long time ever since the cops tore up your ranger that was stuck in the mud. I have never had anything to add till now. Do something for me on this dump truck. In big ford blue letters you need "Trump Train" down each side of that beauty. With "Liberals Stay Back 50 Feet" across the back of the tail gate. That would be epic and add $10,000 to the resale value.

  2. That yellow paint looks real nice. Cool lights for sure. Nice tach too. Yeah who needs a 12,000 rpm tach thats right.

  3. The dump truck actually calls for a different part number windshield than the F-Series. It's not a big deal but the proper windshield would not have the rear view mirror bracket.

  4. Fun Fact. Truck stops sell these lights cheaper then Napa and most of them are made in the USA. Anyone can stamp made in USA doesn't mean the product isn't made with items sourced from China.

  5. A little tip use aquarium clear sealant where the connector connector the back of the light it’s easily disconnected but it makes perfectly waterproof seal

  6. People love adults acting like children NOT. A tachometer reading 700 rpm when the engine is turned off, Chuckold autoelectrician inventiveness, Toyota is employing in its R&D. Spraypainter extraordinaire

  7. Luv your rock steady bench vise, unique paint mixer technique, spray painting in sunlight, the optimum conditions, UNMASKIFY wordsmith Dr Chuckold

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