Here are the Best & Worst Selling Trucks This Year | Surprise Shake-Up at the Top!

( ) Nathan and Mike take you through the first-quarter sales for 2019 trucks to find out who is doing well and who is selling poorly.

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  1. I like that new Chevy. I didn’t think the interior was bad by any stretch. Test drove one yesterday. Wind noise was a little more than I thought but the 5.3 seemed quick. Shifting when tromping seem a tad slow but it seemed smooth to me. I test drove the trail boss. Definitely didn’t pull as hard as my tundra but I didn’t hook to a trailer either. But from 30 to 60 my truck was definitely faster.

  2. The new Nissan Frontier is been in Mexico since 2016. So if you want to take a look just google it. Shame on Nissan that they are just to release it here in the US.

  3. Ford beats everyone in the truck market and they didnt take any of that stupid government bailout money a few years ago. Good for them. I'm not a dodge fan but that new Ram is pretty impressive.

  4. Ford only sold more because its the cheapest truck to get into with all the incentives ford is offering and with money being tight for a lot of people why wouldn't they buy it. I wouldn't say ford is best at all I know a lot of people that have bought them and not everyone is happy to many recalls for one. I would still look at the Sierra or the Ram first much nicer trucks and the GM has a better resale value also.

  5. CEO Mary Barra closed 5 factories, terminated 14,000 employees and transferred 00s of other jobs, all while choking off Truck innovation (and keeping her $21,000,000 annual salary), no wonder Silverado sales are off. RAM filled the resulting void and if they're smart, will continue to out-innovate vs. what looks like the 'on-life-support' version of Government Motors.

  6. The Tundra is ugly, out dated, and gets terrible gas mileage but it’s reliability is far better than the big 3. It’ll outlast any f150 without the broken parts.

  7. Ford always, and that was even with Dodge practically giving away low end 1500's Almost got me… Almost but I am going to wait for my Ford.
    I have 4 Ford F series, how many do I need? That number would be 5. I don't ever get rid of them.

  8. Tacoma and tundra sharing a platform,. Toyota cutting corners where they can. The Chevrolet truck they made the same mistake in 2014. The front end did not win folks over. Change that front and ppl will come back. RAMS are still Wal-Mart quality so u get what u pay for. If Ford didn't have a truck they wouldn't even be around.

  9. u kno what i find funny about for ram and gm, gm is the one who start out with lux truck, the danali , the godfather, now in america u can say ford sell most but outside america, its not ford , nor ram, so , its gm, so u can Bragg that in america, but worldwide gm runs the show , u'll test the new silverado up the cliff hanger up dare, but till now i aint see no vid of that new rebel doing that, or the new ford raptor

  10. GMC and chevy the biggest problem is what you get for the price. My hubby bought a brand new 2014 gmc and it was horrible. 14 recalls for the 3 years he had it. To get any fun options and cool wheels etc. You have to get a top trim. The interiors look like a base rental car. We went over to ford for that reason.

  11. People often buy cars and trucks that are horrible. Sales figures sometimes don't reflect which vehicles are the best choice in what to own. But you already knew that.

  12. F450, now that's what I want. Actually, I love my 2015 F150 3.5 Ecoboost. Had it long enough now to know a bit about it. Total average mpg is 19.5 with over 2,500 miles of towing. Which it does easily. Power! Just good quality.

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