How to operate Mercedes Benz Actros Controls & Switches

How to operate Mercedes Benz Actros Controls & Switches and functions of the cabin interior.



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  1. Awesome thanks. I just started my first job as a trucker and am being given a 2016 2545 and although mine is a wee bit different II found out what most of the buttons do but not all so thankyou for that 🙂

  2. ive been driving one for a month now , i hate it uncomfortable seat shit radio reception gutless compared to the 620hp scania i had , hate the driver assist crap turn it all of , it brakes for road signs thinking its a car , too bloody high to climb into all the time , i gave up a scania with 500,000 klms on it , id have the other truck back in a heart beat , buy the scania its a far better truck

  3. Merc is shitbag with bolts. Gearbox is shit ,interior shit, sound insulation shit only good thing is engine with 2200nm toque. Truck was created for company's owner not for the driver.

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