Jeep Gladiator JT Sport Pickup Truck Offroad Testing Stock with EVO Manufacturing

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Sometimes, it really does pay to have friends in all the right places. For Mel and Lisa over at EVO Manufacturing, it’d be FCA as they were able to get their hands on a brand new Jeep JT Gladiator Sport pickup truck and ahead of just about everyone else out there. For Cindy and I, it’d be them as they invited us out to Arizona to take their Gladiator out for the very first time and of course, out in the dirt! We know it isn’t much but we hope you’ll still enjoy this video for what it is – a first look at a brand new and bone stock Jeep truck off-road and wheeling across the desert.



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  1. The Gladiator is the Jeep to get to build upon. Standard Dana 44's, 10mm thicker reinforced axle housings. Just thinking about the camper conversions along with removable roof sounds quite interesting!

  2. Eddie, you knocked it out of the park once again. Can’t tell you how much I enjoy your videos. I first discovered your videos a few years back on a temporary trip for the Army. I’ve been hooked ever since. I am anxious to see this one lifted and on the trails you frequent.

  3. I understand they wanted to use parts they already had to keep costs down but wish it looked more like the old trucks, Mel will make it rock though

  4. Like giving a step kid a car or truck, they just tear it up. Then expect someone else to fix it, absolutely stupid. Buy a side by side or a plane.

  5. You guys are awesome…knew I could count on you for a REAL first test drive…cant believe that is just the sport…no lockers so sway disconnect…can you guys keep a tally during the build and see how much it costs to modify it from stock…ive been waiting for the it to come out but 60 grand for the rubi is out of budget. If the sport handles like that I'll get one of those and just build it piece by piece. Thanks again guys you rock!!!

  6. The jeep truck sucks, even if it had a 6 inch lift on 40's. My Tacoma would stomp it all day and night!!!??? Further more if you want a true truck from Dodge and want it to go off-road, get a Power Wagon. ?

  7. As someone who is so new to the jeep community (I bought my first jeep, a 5.7L Hemi 6spd auto JK about a month ago, and have yet to get it on a truck and shipped home) I'm still not stoked on the JT, but I can certainly imagine what it can be with some serious mods. I totally get how a jeep based pick up will dominate other mid sized pick ups offroad, so the idea isn't lost on me. I just want to see one that's been fully juiced to buy into the concept. Other than the minority position I hold on the Gladiator I dig your videos and always look forward to the next installment! Great job guys!

  8. hard sell for me when once you option it and figure the discounts on the full size you could have a z71 trail boss crew cab for the same money. Just depends on what your looking to do with it I guess.

  9. Subjective opinion but to me the Gladiator is one of the ugliest vehicles on the road. If it looked less like a wrangler and had a little bit of it's own design I think it would help.

  10. Jeeps scrape like a cat on a scratching post. Even a two door Rubicon seems to bottom out on rocks quite a bit. Just bought myself a 2019 Rubicon Unlimited and itching to see how it does off-roading but my F150 Fx4 lifted 7” on 37” tires barely scrape on rock crawling.

    Is it something I should be wary of and get beefy skid plates?

  11. Great video. I get a kick out of everybody complaining about it’s wheel base. We’ve got to stop comparing it to the JL. It’s built to compete with mid-size trucks.

  12. Damn that wheelbase is long I'm going to stick to my TJ however as far as pickup trucks go i think it destroys the competition chevy toyota and ford can't beat the JT's capability.?

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