Manual vs Automatic Off-road

Manual vs Automatic Off-road, Which is better for off-road?
This video is for those that are not sure if they should buy a manual or automatic.

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  1. Everythings great in explanation but automatics in the US are far more economic with fuel consumption hands down. It's almost not even debatable here

  2. Legit just bad stigma around driving autos, it's seen by blokes and ignorant people as being un-manly. It's not even a millennial thing, most people I went to school with learnt in manuals.

  3. Auto definitely way better in sand. But after 15plus years of auto 4×4, with the last being modern Landcruiser, I've just gone back to manual. I just enjoy them more for some reason, and easier to get the rear end loose when having a bit of fun. 🙂

  4. good video, but automatic transmissions are integrating lots of electronic goodies that will in time make manual transmissions so obsolete. already we have hill assist and crawl control on the 4runners and tacos. I love manual cars. all i had until lately when technology caught up.

  5. Your correct. The majority of marginally skilled people should stick to automatic transmissions to eliminate the need for driver skill. Those with mechanical competence are usually better suited to the mechanical advantage of manual over auto trans.
    Just watch brake fade on older autos. New auto systems take away all required skill & all you do is turn the wheel.

  6. In the old days, most people would have said manual is better. 13:18 when he talks about downhill is why. Just as a general safety thing, the worst thing to lose on a trail would probably be your brakes. In every manual I've ever driven the first gear low range compression braking effect is better than in every automatic vehicle I've ever driven. Toyotas, Nissans, Mitsubishis, Jeeps, Fords, etc… every manual is better at descending than every automatic, across the board. Hands down. You save your brakes for when you really need them. My dad's buddy is a driving instructor and car obsessive gearhead… but he lacks the most basic 4×4 understanding. He wanted to put A/T tires on his AWD Mazda Cx-5 so he could go "4wheeling" in it. My dad calmly explained to him that the traction control may be able to get him up a hill, but the high range gearbox would not safely get him back down. Dude's mind was blown. Never thought of it.

  7. The fuel consumption thing is based on how you drive because if you drive keeping yourself a long time in gear before changing gear you have a higher consumption.

  8. Hi Donny, great videos and explanations! I am an expert off roader myself, and like you I am old school and stuck to my Manual (Nissan Patrol Pickup). Allow me to add that one distinctive advantage Auto Gear has is when you are back on the road and still have another few hundred miles of asphalt, Auto is far more comfortable in that case.

  9. The automatic transmission is better on gas in newer vehicles, the jeep Cherokee from 96 and up was made in 4 speed auto and 5 speed manual, but anything from around 04 and up is better on gas as auto, but if you haul butt everywhere a manual is for you, that being said, in a manual you can hyper mile by skipping certain gears, do you own research!!!!! But very good videos this guys puts out

  10. but manual is much more fun . so much fun. so much fun. so much fun. so much fun. so much fun. so much fun. so much fun. so much fun. so much fun. so much fun. so much fun

  11. I learned to drive with a standard. Mt first 2 work trucks were standards. I've owned 2 standard cars. I switched to automatic trucks in the 80s. Around 1985, automatics moved ahead of standards for fuel economy, reliability, trailer towing capacity. Even big rigs are starting to use automatics. It's only a matter of time before they come up with an auto that gets better fuel economy in big rigs. I'm typing this while he's speaking, but I'm not really listening. Really, what does an aussie know about trucks? They all drive little pisspot Jap trucks, and there's no mud or show down under.

  12. Just letting you know not all automatics when you select a gear other than drive work like described take for instance my land rover has an option I select the gear then press mode it will then lock to that gear it will not drop gears

  13. people in the comments are sounding like a bunch of school kids driving manual for the first time lol real manual drivers don't go around saying "I drive a manual" good to see your dad taught you… real manual drivers just drive whatever the fuck they want

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