Mercedes-Benz 8×8 Truck Trail Offroad Drive Sound

Mercedes-Benz 8×8 Truck Trail Offroad Drive Sound – That 8×8 machine is always huge fun to drive. The Truck is almost climbing everything. In this short film Mercedes-Benz 8×8 Truck was chosen for the test drive on the so-called extreme circuit. Truck Trial is a motor sport where it comes to driving trucks or German trucks in rough terrain. You have to maneuver his truck through the previously set by the organizers gates with a lot of skill and ability. These goals are not easily accessible, so it is done to the drivers and their passengers not easy. In the sections that are driven, man and machine are pushed to their limits. The rating will take place in different classes.

Mercedes-Benz 8×8 Truck Trail im Gelände! Ob Offroad Kipper Dumper oder Baumaschinen Transport auf die Baustelle: Besucht Top Truck Channel für weitere Videos



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