Nitro Engine Tuning Guide Part 1 – The Needles of the Carburettor

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Nitro Engine tuning is probably the most asked question on my Channel, people struggling with their tuning and asking tuning related questions. In this 4 part series, I look at Tuning and adjusting the High Speed Needle, the Low Speed Needle, and the Idle speed screw. Please check out the other three parts of this series and gain a better understanding of how to tune your nitro engine!



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  1. Havent watched the video but I bet its good. My point is, where were you when I was 14 and had no clue how to tune these fuckers! ahah still in time to help newcomers.

  2. Great video,Josh,I learned a lot from your early videos,a good reference point,and this is a worthwhile update.These engines can be extremely frustrating but persistence brings huge reward,I don't think nitro is for everybody but I hope they're around for a very long time yet,great satisfaction when you get it right with amazing sound,speed and smell.?✌???

  3. Epic video! How did you grow your channel? I've been trying over a year now and I only got 175 subscribers. Also just got myself a arrma talion.

  4. hiya and I was wondering if you could help me I have car that I can't seem to get running right and when I think it is running I am back at the start again many thanks

  5. I had a weird problem with my nitro car once where we had set it up so it would idle nicely and then all of a sudden is went full throttle on its own with no input.

  6. For my first time start on my sh21 engine I turned the high speed needle fully anti clockwise and then turned it clockwise 2 and a half turns. Is this correct? It sounded like it was revving high but I’m new so I was unsure

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