“Project Midnight” Silverado 2500HD Auxbeam 23″ Cross Series LED Light Bar with DRL

Installing an Auxbeam 22″ cross series LED light bar on the front of “Project Midnight”. A 2002 Silverado 2500HD with 6.0 Vortec.

Where to buy:

Light Specs:
Power: 144W—(14400lm)
LED Quantity: 48pcs*3W high intensity LED chips
Beam Angle: 30 degree(spot beam),60 degree(flood beam) with mask
Operating Voltage: DC 10-30V (fit 12V/24V vehicle)
Color Temperature: Pure White 6000K
Dimension(without bracket): approx 585mm(23″)*80mm(3.15″)*65mm (2.5″)
Dimension(with bracket): approx 585mm(23″)*90mm(3.5″)*65mm(2.5″)
Material: Black Die-cast Aluminum profile,PC lens
Solid metal bottom slip,120 degree adjustable
Wiring Connection: Black-Negative,Red-Light Bar Positive,White-DRL Positive
IP67 water and dust seal,about 50000 hours lifetime
Certified by CE & RoHS

144W straight dual row LED light bar with Cross DRL
Intense chips from World leading LED brand, will lead a new offroad lighting/ driving light trend
Innovative Optic reflector tech and light guide tech integrated seamlessly
Deep reflective interior focuses more effective light and halo lens throw softer light on road evenly without glare
Pioneering cross diffused lens slot, will show holy white illuminated crosses when power on
Removable flood beam masks allow you get optimal spot & flood beam pattern as you like
Oversized grooved heat sink fins extends cooling surface for quick cooling
IP67 rated water and dust seal, full die-cast profile doubling as heat sink

Off-Road vehicles-ATVs, SUV, truck, Fork lift, trains, boat
Specialized vehicles-Fire engine, police cars, rescue vehicle, Communication vehicle, military command vehicle etc. 
Engineering vehicles-Excavator,dozer,road roller,bulldozer,crane and mining truck etc

Package Included:
1x 144W LED light bar with Cross DRL,3x bottom slip
2x flood beam mask
Necessary mounting hardware like bolts,washer included



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  1. I have an aux beam 32" curved bar in that same location, and i believe that is the best location for driving visibility in general. are the DRL's a bit bright? im scared to change mine to the X or cross series due to local police not liking light bars.

  2. Good looking light bar!  I saw those DRL crosses on the Auxbeam website and was wondering how they were in real life. Now I know.  Looks like you had room for a 30-36 inch bar there.  I do like how low they mount as compared to the standard 4D Auxbeam light bar like I put on my Suburban.  Isn't that how it goes?  Put something on the truck and realize you mighta liked something else better?  One suggestion: try using fusible link in place of fuse holders.  I've had even the rubberized ones go out on me.  The fusible link is totally weather tight if you use the heat shrink connectors and ring terminals.  That and it theoretically flows power better than a fuse.

  3. My 22 inch lamphus maverix came with both L mounting feet and the similar mounts as this auxbeam one. I went with L brackets on mine. Really makes a difference from stock headlights

  4. Longhorn Fab Shop has a great toggle switch board that will go right below your heat/Ac controls if you're interested in that location. I've seen a few that looked really nice.

  5. Hey boss I have a question I just purchase a 2000 chevy Tahoe lt from the auction when I got the truck it did not have a key so in order for me to get it off the 3 car flat bed I had to break the whole switch to move it of parking and release the lock on the steering wheel so then I when to the junk yard got one out of there complete with the ignition cilinder but with no key I had triple a come make me a key and "program" it but the security light sometimes it stays on and sometimes it just blinks the vehicle will start and then turn off any help please and thanks in advance

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