Scania G 440 CB8x4EHZ Euro 5 Off-road Tipper Truck Exterior and Interior

Scania G440 CB8 8×4 EHZ Euro 5 Tipper Truck seen from outside and inside. Wheelbase 4500 mm. Width 2550 mm. Front axis 2×9000 kg. Rear axis 2×15000 kg. Max allowed weight 48000 kg. Engine is DC13 112 440 hp, Euro 5, PDE, SCR, Turbo with fixed geometry. Transmission is GRSO905R, Scania Retarder R4100. Dual-pedal Opticruise, standard, economic and Off-road mode; limitation in mechanic switch in low speed. Additional cooling of gearbox. Additional protections against skidding or overweight of clutch. Differentials: RBP 835 (4.38); PTO EG 653 P; blocking of differentials. Suspension on parabolic leaf springs 4×28 / 5×48/90. Brakes: drum, ABS, adhesion control. Fuel tanks 350 liters, aluminum. Ad Blue tank 75 dm³. Batteries 2×180 Ah. Front wheels 13R22.5 Construction, Rear 13R22.5 Construction. Spare tire 13R22.5 Construction Goodyear brand. Exhaust pipe behind the cabin facing up. Cabin is CG 16 daily, color Black Ebony. Suspension 4 point air. Daily LED lights. Additional far lights in sun-shield. H7 main lights with protectors. Fog lights and additional lights into the bumper. Protection of rear lights. Rotation lights in the roof. Full electric packet for the cabin: mirror heating, Climatronic; Color display. Rear window. Documents premise. Pockets for bottles. Off-road package, Hill Hold – system for start in tilt. Empowered steel bumper with protection from under and increased clearance. Buffer in front. Driver package – premium driver seat RECARO with heating and ventilation. Multifunctional leather steering wheel. Premium Radio/CD/MP3 with control from steering wheel. Touchscreen display. Bluetooth with built-in microphone in driver seat. Additional anti rust treatment of chassis. Draft-stop in doors. Sound signal when moving backwards. Scania GPS communicator C200. Downloading of information from the tachograph. Tipper basket KH-Kipper with volume 20.5 m³, rear unloading, floor 7mm Hardox, sides 5 mm Domex, extension for asphalt placing. Strengthened basket, roll protection, scissor stabilizer, protection system Hyfix, hydraulic cylinder Hyva FCA, hydraulic pump Sunfab – axial-piston. Sailcloth, CRAMARO system with remote control.

The truck was presented at Truck Show, Lesnovo, Bulgaria, June 4-5 2015.

The video is available in 3D at



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